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Extruded aluminum handles

image-extruded aluminum handles
  • Minimum order Kg: 200

Profilati Alluminio's special aluminum profiles include furniture handles.


Our extruded aluminum handles are classified as specially-designed profiles since they can be manufactured with countless customization possibilities in terms of shapes and sizes.


Applications of extruded aluminum handles

These special extruded profiles generally find widespread use in the furnishing and design sectors, both in commercial and domestic building interiors. 


Also, our extruded aluminum handles often come with shanks for fastening them to the doors and panels of furnishings and/or other accessories.


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Advantages and qualities

When talking about extruded aluminum handles, it's important to remember the unique features they offer.


Specifically, we're talking about:

  • resistance to corrosion and shocks
  • versatility
  • easy installation and use
  • unique designs and shapes


Extruded aluminum handles in a special alloy

These aluminum profiles are made with a special 6060 alloy and are sold in the traditional bar format. The minimum order quantity is 200 kg. Special furniture handles can even be produced based on the client's own specifications.


According to your needs, we are also able to manufacture customized extruded aluminum handles that offer improved characteristics and that have undergone specific enhancing treatments.



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  • image-Furniture handles - Art 3210
    Code 3210
    PGM 230 g/m
  • image-Furniture handles - Art 3698
    Code 3698
    PGM 864 g/m
  • image-Furniture handles - Art 3839
    Code 3839
    PGM 590 g/m
  • image-Furniture handles - Art 3854
    Code 3854
    PGM 770 g/m
  • image-Furniture handles - Art 3961
    Code 3961
    PGM 495 g/m
  • image-Furniture handles - Art 3984
    Code 3984
    PGM 775 g/m
  • image-Furniture handles - Art 3996
    Code 3996
    PGM 705 g/m
  • image-Furniture handles - Art 4006
    Code 4006
    PGM 1125 g/m

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