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  • Aluminum Angle Extrusions

    Profilati Alluminio produces standard or custom-made aluminum angle extrusions for all industries. Thanks to the technologies and experience acquired, our company is able to create angle profiles with special features that it are usually difficult to find from other...

  • Italian aluminum

    Are you looking for high quality Italian aluminum profiles? Here’s Profall, the solution to your needs. The company provides aluminun extrusions – standard, special or customizable – for every need, and ships all over the world. Italy has always been equal to...

  • Aluminum Profile Extrusions

    Profall offers an aluminum profile extrusion service that is completely tailored on the needs of the customer, both in the supply of standard extrusions and in the realization of customized profiles. Our Technical Department listens to the customer's requests...

  • Aluminum corners

    Aluminum corners The aluminum corners are available in various aluminum alloys and are widely used in the furniture and construction sectors. Equal-sided corners Corner with unequal sides Special section corners The aluminum corner profiles are one...

  • Aluminum Profile Suppliers

    Profilati Alluminio is an Italian company specialized in the extrusion and supply of high quality aluminum profiles. We have the technical capability to produce any kind of profile and ship worldwide to any customer. Discover more about our advantages. Not ma...

  • Aluminum Extrusion Catalog

    On this page we have listed in full the catalog of aluminum extrusions available for order. Click on the profile you are interested in to access the detailed technical sheet. We also accept small orders starting at 200 kg. and we export worldwide! Profall – P...

  • Aluminum window profiles: discover Profall choice

    Profilati Alluminio manufactures various types of aluminum extrusions also with extremely small dimensional tolerances: among them, aluminum window extrusion profiles. Being a light and pliable metal, aluminum is used to create a variety of products like wind...

  • Aluminum Profile Manufacturers

    As soon as it was founded, Profall specialized as an aluminum profile manufacturer by extruding aluminum pieces that not only are extremely precise, but also available in very small size. That is, if you need a fully customized extrusion, maybe with tiny dimensional...


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