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Standard aluminum extrusion profiles

Profilati Alluminio produces a full range of standard aluminum extrusion profiles for all industries. Available in different sizes and customizable even for small orders, our standard profiles are made with high-quality aluminum alloys and boast high technical characteristics.

Standard aluminum extrusions are, by definition, aluminum profiles with simple shapes. This category includes several profiles, all of which you can browse in the listing of the products below. Here we summarize the available shapes:

Standard aluminum shapes

standard-aluminum-square-barsAluminum round and square bars: aluminum bars are available in the 1050, 1070, 3103, and 6060 alloys, each with its specific strengths, aimed at different sectors. We offer a wide range of profiles of different sizes; on request, it is also possible to ask for entirely customized aluminum bars.

standard-aluminum-round-tubingAluminum round, square and rectangular tubing: aluminum tubing is among the most requested shape in every industrial and commercial sector. According to the destination, we extrude the tubing in different aluminum alloys among the 1050, 1070, 3103, and 6060.

standard-aluminum-flat-barsAluminum flat bars, even with round edges: with thickness ranging from just 5 mm all the way up to 120 mm, our flat bars are available in a wide range of formats. Upon request, special sizes and tolerances can be supplied. We employ aluminum in the 1050, 1070, 3103, and 6060 alloys.

standard-aluminum-corner-profilesAluminum corner and L profiles: angle aluminum profiles with even and uneven sides. Aluminum corner profiles are employed in many sectors for different purposes, each of them requiring a specific shape and alloy. We cover the needs of all industrial and commercial sectors.

standard-aluminum-semicircular-profilesAluminum semicircular elements: available in the standard format with more than 25 different models, they can also be customized with special sizes and tolerances to meet any specific requirement. Extruded with high quality aluminum in the 1050, 1070, 3103, and 6060 alloys.

standard-aluminum-u-profilesAluminum U profiles: also known as channel profiles for their size, like all our aluminum profiles are available in the 1050, 1070, 3103, and 6060 alloys and in a wide range of specific models. They can also be customized according to any specific need.

standard-aluminum-double-ductsAluminum double duct profiles: these kinds of aluminum profiles are employed in the furnishing, lighting, and electronics sectors for different purposes. We cover all the needs of these sectors with a wide range of different models, available in the aluminum alloys 1050, 1070, 3103, and 6060.

standard-aluminum-h-profilesAluminum Z profiles, H profiles, C profiles: these profiles are available in a wide range of formats with different sizes, shapes, and alloys employed – among the 1050, 1070, 3103, and 6060 alloys – depending on the aimed application. Available both in the standard and customized version.


Standard aluminum extrusions: custom products

For special needs, we can design and produce fully customized profiles: our technical staff is at your disposal to help you find the best profile for your needs. Once the technical design is approved, we move on to the prototyping phase and then to mass production, with significant cost and time saving.


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  • image-Aluminum round bar
    Aluminum round bar
  • image-Aluminum square bar
    Aluminum square bar
  • image-Aluminum round tubing
    Aluminum round tubing
  • image-aluminum square tubing
    Aluminum square tubing
  • image-Aluminum rectangular tubing
    Aluminum rectangular tubing
  • image-Aluminum flat bar
    Aluminum flat bar
  • image-Aluminum flat bars with rounded edges
    Aluminum flat bars with rounded edges
  • image-Aluminum corner extrusion with even sides
    Aluminum corner extrusion with even sides
  • image-Aluminum corner extrusion with uneven sides
    Aluminum corner extrusion with uneven sides
  • image-Semicircular elements
    Aluminum semicircular elements
  • image-Aluminum u channel
    Aluminum U channel extrusions
  • image-aluminum double duct profiles
    Aluminum double duct profiles
  • image-aluminum z bar
    Aluminum Z bar
  • image-Aluminum H section
    Aluminum H section
  • image-Aluminum T-track
    Aluminum T-track

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