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Aluminum round bar

image-Aluminum round bar
  • Minimum order Kg: 200

Profilati Alluminio is specialised in the production of extrusions in small sizes, and offers a wide range of round extruded bars. Generally being purchased from the aluminum distribution warehouses, our aluminum round bars are most commonly utilised in the mechanicalelectromechanical, and furnishing industries.

Aluminum round bars features

Thanks to its vast expertise and modern technologies, company’s aluminum round bar sizes ranges from miniature to large. They can be made from 105010703103, and 6060 alloyin either bar or reel format, with dimensions as small as 7 mm. The minimum order quantity is 200 kg in bar format, and 500 kg in reel format. The standard dimensional tolerance for the round extruded bars is +/- 0.15 mm in diameter.

Aluminum round bar with special dimensional tolerances and mechanical characteristics can be produced upon request. For its standard aluminum round bar stock, Profilati Alluminio guarantees maximum delivery speed; generally, within two weeks of the order.

All the aluminum extrusions manufactured by Profilati Alluminio are entirely safe, and are certified in accordance with the current European regulations.

Choose one of the sizes shown in the table, or create your own custom aluminum profile.

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CODEDiameter "D" (mm)Weight (g/m)
27013.5 26
27034 34
27055 53
27075.35 61
27096 76
27117 104
27138 136
27159 172
27169.5 191
271710 212
271810.1 216
272011 256
272212 305
272413 358
272614 415
272714.5 446
272815 477
273016 543
273217 613
273317.5 649
273418 687
273619 765
273820 848
273920.9 926
274223 1,121
274424 1,221
274625 1,325
274725.5 1,378
274828 1,662
274928.5 1,722
275232 2,170
275434 2,450
275635 2,596

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