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Thanks to the technical skills and expertise that it has acquired over the years in the sector of aluminum extrusions, Profilati Alluminio is capable of producing fully-customised extrusions in aluminum to meet its client's specific requirements.

In fact, the company boasts a degree of versatility that allows it to collaborate with numerous industry sectors.


Profall produces a different aluminum extrusion for every sector, from home furnishings to technical furnishings, from the electronics industry to the electromechanical industry, even including the lighting, automotive and transport sectors.

  • Transport

    Profilati Alluminio manufactures extrusions in aluminum for use in the transport industry. Our aluminum profiles designed specifically for this sector primarily include components for the assembly of vehicle chassis, windows, and the interiors of industrial and...

  • Furnishings

    Aluminum profiles are widely utilised in the furnishing industry. This industry, in fact employs two large families of aluminum profiles: the components used for residential furnishings, and those dedicated to contract furnishings. The aluminum furnishing prof...

  • Technical furnishing elements

    The term technical furnishings is to be understood as furnishings for offices, shops, public places, and exhibition stands. In particular, the most prominent field of application for the production of aluminum profiles is within the shop furnishings sector, and t...

  • Lighting

    Profilati Alluminio collaborates with numerous companies operating in the lighting industry. In fact, our aluminum profiles are widely utilized in the home and industrial lighting sector. This sector has undergone tremendous growth in recent years, as traditional...

  • Electronics

    Profilati Alluminio is capable of offering special extrusions for the electronics industry. In particular, the company manufactures aluminum profiles for heatsinks for its clients. For example, heat sinks for photovoltaic panels and inverters, and heat sinks for ...

  • Electromechanical

    The profiles manufactured using alloys with the highest degree of aluminum purity are most commonly used in the electromechanical sector. Aluminum, in fact, has a high degree of electrical conductivity.For this reason, Profilati Alluminio uses alloys like 1050 and 1...

  • Automotive

    The automotive sector employs the use of our aluminum profiles made with alloys of the 3003, 3103 and 3004 series: three alloys specifically designed for use with braze welding applications. In particular, our aluminum profiles for the automotive sector are used...


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