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Silver anodized aluminum profiles

Written on by Roberto De Lorenzi in Extruded profiles
image Silver anodized aluminum profiles
Silver anodized aluminum profiles are one of the best choices for those seeking a combination of functionality and elegance. Discover how Profall can offer you durable and versatile solutions with its catalog of anodizable profiles.

Anodization is an electrochemical process that transforms the surface of aluminum into a very hard layer of aluminum oxide, not only improving its characteristics and protecting it, but also allowing it to be colored in various tones, including elegant silver.

Thanks to this treatment, silver anodized aluminum profiles offer a unique combination of aesthetics and functionality, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, from architectural structures to design elements.

In this article you can learn more about:


Profall's range of aluminum profiles that can be anodized

The aluminum profiles in our catalog can be silver anodized, offering a wide range of applications due to their versatility.

Standard profiles available for silver anodizing include:

  • Round and square bars: ideal for load-bearing structures and decorative details;
  • Round, square and rectangular tubes: perfect for frames, handles and structural components;
  • Equal-sided and unequal-sided corner extrusions: used for frames, support structures and corner finishes;
  • Z, H and C profiles: suitable for specialized applications in engineering and construction.


  • image-Aluminum corner extrusion with even sides
    Aluminum corner extrusion with even sides
  • image-Aluminum corner extrusion with uneven sides
    Aluminum corner extrusion with uneven sides
  • image-aluminum double duct profiles
    Aluminum double duct profiles
  • image-Aluminum flat bar
    Aluminum flat bar
  • image-Aluminum flat bars with rounded edges
    Aluminum flat bars with rounded edges
  • image-Aluminum H section
    Aluminum H section
  • image-Aluminum rectangular tubing
    Aluminum rectangular tubing
  • image-Aluminum round bar
    Aluminum round bar
  • image-Aluminum round tubing
    Aluminum round tubing
  • image-Semicircular elements
    Aluminum semicircular elements
  • image-Aluminum square bar
    Aluminum square bar
  • image-aluminum square tubing
    Aluminum square tubing
  • image-Aluminum T-track
    Aluminum T-track
  • image-Aluminum u channel
    Aluminum U channel extrusions
  • image-aluminum z bar
    Aluminum Z bar


In addition, Profall provides special custom profiles that can be manufactured according to specific project requirements, ensuring maximum customization. All these profiles can also be anodized with silver color, giving them a sophisticated appearance as well as functional advantages.


  • image-Borders with screw attachments
    Aluminum borders with screw attachments
  • image-Aluminium curve profiles
    Aluminum curve profiles
  • image-Drainers and water deflectors
    Aluminum drainers and water deflectors
  • image-Aluminum glazing extrusions
    Aluminum glazing extrusions
  • image-Aluminum picture frames
    Aluminum picture frames
  • image-Borders for motor vehicles
    Aluminum trim profiles for motor vehicles
  • image-Corner elements with special cross-sections
    Corner elements with special cross-sections
  • image-extruded aluminum handles
    Extruded aluminum handles
  • image-Handrail-extrusions
    Handrail extrusions
  • image-Special U-profiles
    Special U-profiles
  • image-Transition strips with shank
    Transition strips with shanks

Download the full catalog

The advantages of anodizing

Anodizing aluminum profiles offers numerous benefits, including:

  • Improved durability: the anodized finish protects aluminum from corrosion, wear and abrasion;
  • Low maintenance: silver anodized profiles require minimal maintenance, maintaining their brilliant appearance over time without the need for painting or special treatments;
  • Refined aesthetics: the silver finish gives a sleek and modern appearance, suitable for many design contexts;
  • Weather resistance: perfect for outdoor use, they effectively resist rain, sun and temperature variations;
  • Eco-friendliness: The anodizing process is safe and does not produce harmful substances, making silver anodized aluminum profiles a sustainable choice.

Profall is the ideal partner for the supply of anodized aluminum profiles, offering a wide range of customizable solutions, superior quality and expert technical advice. If you are looking for aluminum profiles that combine strength, aesthetics and versatility, contact us.

Choose Profall to shape your ideas with innovative, high-quality solutions.

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