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Custom White Lacquered Aluminum Profiles

Written on by in Extruded profiles
image Custom White Lacquered Aluminum Profiles
Profall offers a wide range of aluminum profiles in our catalog, with the possibility of customization to fit any design requirement. Find out how we can make your profiles and customizing them in the color of your choice.

White lacquered aluminum profiles are an excellent solution for those looking for structural or decorative elements that combine functionality, aesthetics and durability.

Learn more about this product in this article, where we will focus on:


Customization down to the smallest detail: our flagship

Profall is distinguished by its ability to offer totally customizable white lacquered aluminum profiles. This flexibility is made possible by an advanced manufacturing process to customer design and specification.

The process begins with the selection of the aluminum alloy, goes through the definition of the dimensions and shapes (even extremely complex ones), and ends with surface treatments, such as white painting or lacquering. This last step not only gives a better aesthetic appearance but also increases the profile's resistance to weathering and wear.

You can choose to start from our standard aluminum profiles, special aluminum profiles, or make a profile completely from scratch according to your needs.


The advantages of white aluminum profiles

The choice of white lacquered aluminum profiles offers numerous advantages:

  • Aesthetically, white is a color that fits perfectly in a variety of settings, both modern and classic, due to its ability to reflect light and add brightness to rooms;
  • Aluminum profiles are notoriously durable and corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for both interior and exterior applications;
  • Their maintenance is simple, as the white painted color is easy to clean and maintains its appearance over time.


White aluminum profiles: versatile and innovative applications

The aesthetic and functional versatility of white aluminum profiles makes them a favorite choice for architects and designers. In fact, white lacquered aluminum profiles find use in a wide range of applications:

  • Indoors, they can be used to create furniture frames, door and window frames, or as innovative design elements;
  • Outdoors, they are perfect for decorative frames, façade cladding, or as structural components of pergolas and verandas, where weather resistance is critical.


Why choose Profall

Choosing Profall for the supply of white lacquered aluminum profiles means relying on a partner with established experience, capable of offering personalized service and high-quality products. Thanks to strict quality control, each profile is guaranteed to meet the customer's specific requirements.

In addition, Profall can handle orders of any size (starting from 200 kg/440 lbs), guaranteeing fast delivery times and unparalleled production flexibility.


Whether it is an interior design project or an outdoor structural solution, Profall has the expertise and technology to turn any idea into reality. Contact us today to create your custom white lacquered aluminum profiles.

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