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Aluminum Led Tracks: The Guide To Choice

Written on by Roberto De Lorenzi in Extruded profiles
image Aluminum Led Tracks: The Guide To Choice
Aluminum tracks for LED lighting systems are an innovative and efficient solution for a wide range of applications, from creating cozy atmospheres in home environments to functional lighting in commercial and office spaces. Discover Profall's signature products, a guarantee of quality and extreme precision.

In this article, we will explore:

The types of aluminum tracks for LEDs in our catalog

Profall offers a range of aluminum tracks for LEDs characterized by high quality and performance.

Among our most popular products are:

  • Aluminum T-tracks, which can be made in different alloys, such as 1050, 1070, 3103 and 6060;
  • Double duct profiles, with sizes ranging from 0.5 mm to 120 mm and dimensional tolerances of +/- 0.15 mm;
  • U channel extrusions, which can also be made in small or very small sizes, varying according to specific customer requirements;
  • H sections, mainly used for structural applications, where high mechanical performance is required;
  • Glazing extrusions, also ideal for accommodating LED profiles.

Minimum order: 200 kg/440 lbs.

Thanks to the acquisition of the company RCRAMERA, we are able to carry out aluminum machining with the most advanced technologies, achieving a very advanced level of detail that few are able to guarantee and thus enabling precise and detailed machining.

Advantages of using aluminum for LEDs

The choice of aluminum as a material for LED lighting tracks is not random. Its corrosion resistance and durability make it an excellent choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. In addition, aluminum's thermal conductivity is helpful in preventing LEDs from overheating, thus ensuring stable performance and long life.

Aluminum tracks are essential for installing LED lighting systems safely and efficiently. They offer, in fact, a number of significant advantages:

  • Optimal heat dissipation: aluminum is known for its excellent thermal conduction properties, which are essential for maintaining LEDs at optimal operating temperatures;
  • Design flexibility: the versatility of aluminum tracks allows for customized configurations, fitting perfectly into any environment;
  • Quick and easy installation: the aluminum track mounting system is designed for quick and uncomplicated installation, whether ceiling or wall.

Profall: more than a supplier of aluminum tracks and profiles

Our company can follow you in choosing the best aluminum LED track from the design stage. In fact, we supply both standard and special extrusions with unique and special mechanical characteristics.

Choosing Profall to supply aluminum rails for LEDs means getting:

  • High quality of materials: all products are made from high-grade aluminum, ensuring strength and reliability;
  • Speed in delivery: typically, production of the profiles takes about two weeks;
  • Customization based on technical drawings: Profall offers the possibility of making custom profiles, creating a prototype meeting the required qualities;
  • Technical support: the experience and professionalism of the Profall team ensure advice and technical support for the selection and installation of the most suitable rails.


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