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Aluminum handrail extrusions

  • Minimum order Kg: 200

Profilati Alluminio's special aluminum profiles include handrail extrusions and staircase railings.


Handrail extrusions are designed to serve as the support elements for parapets and staircase and balcony railings: they are most commonly used in the construction and furnishing industries. All the available extrusions are equipped with lodgings for housing and concealing the fastening screws, and therefore play both a functional and aesthetic role. Our handrail extrusions are sold in a convenient bar format. The minimum order quantity is 200 kg.


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High-quality materials for aluminum handrail extrusions

Profall's aluminum handrail extrusions are crafted using the high-quality 6060 aluminum alloy. This alloy is renowned for its excellent corrosion resistance, mechanical strength, and ease of fabrication

The 6060 alloy offers superior extrudability and a premium surface finish, making it ideal for anodizing and powder coating. By using this specific alloy, Profall ensures that its handrail extrusions meet the highest standards of safety and aesthetic appeal, providing a reliable and durable solution for various applications.


Custom handrail extrusions

In the listing below you can preview the technical drawings of the available standard handrail extrusions. On the request, each design can be customized according to the specific needs of the client: our technical staff is ready to evaluate your requirements and engineer the best solution to meet them.


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  • image-Staircase railings - Art 3242
    Code 3242
    PGM 370 g/m
  • image-Staircase railings - Art 3327
    Code 3327
    PGM 660 g/m
  • image-Staircase railings - Art 3506
    Code 3506
    PGM 245 g/m
  • image-Staircase railings - Art 3627
    Code 3627
    PGM 700 g/m
  • image-Staircase railings - Art 3628
    Code 3628
    PGM 720 g/m
  • image-Staircase railings - Art 3629
    Code 3629
    PGM 540 g/m
  • image-Staircase railings - Art 4023
    Code 4023
    PGM 320 g/m

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