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Flat Aluminum Profiles: Applications And Advantages

Written on by Roberto De Lorenzi in Extruded profiles
image Flat Aluminum Profiles: Applications And Advantages
Flat aluminum profiles are an excellent example of how aluminum can be adapted to meet a wide range of application needs. Discover the flat aluminum profiles available in the Profall catalog.

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The aluminum flat profiles in our catalog

Profall's aluminum flat profiles are distinguished by their quality and versatility. Manufactured through an extrusion process that allows the creation of complex shapes while maintaining high mechanical properties, these profiles are available in various sizes and thicknesses, suitable to meet the most specific requirements.

Profall's production guarantees precise dimensional tolerances (±0.15 mm), thanks to the use of high-quality aluminum alloys such as 1050, 1070, 3103, and 6060, making them ideal for a wide range of applications.

Thanks to the advanced technological compartment, Profall is able to produce these flat profiles in small and very small sizes, with a minimum thickness of 5 mm and a maximum of 120 mm.


  • image-Aluminum flat bar
    Aluminum flat bar
  • image-Aluminum flat bars with rounded edges
    Aluminum flat bars with rounded edges


You can buy these aluminum extrusions in either bar or coil format. The minimum order for bars is 200 kg/440 lbs, while for coils it is 500 kg/1102 lbs.


Advantages of aluminum flat profiles

Aluminum flat profiles offer numerous advantages, including:

  • Lightness: essential for applications that require lightweight yet strong materials;
  • Corrosion resistance: aluminum offers natural resistance to corrosion, increasing product durability even in harsh environments;
  • Ease of processing: aluminum can be easily machined, cut, and assembled, allowing great flexibility in designing customized products and solutions;
  • Durability: in addition to corrosion resistance, aluminum is known for its durability, ensuring a long life for products that use it;
  • Adaptability to custom designs: the versatility of aluminum allows for custom flat profiles to meet any design requirement.


The most common applications

Aluminum flat profiles find applications in a wide range of sectors, including:

  • Construction: used as structural elements, for exterior finishes, window and door frames, and more;
  • Industrial design: components for machinery, structures for solar panels, and supports for various devices;
  • Furniture: creating structures for furniture, decorative elements, and functional components for interior and exterior furnishings;
  • Technical applications: supports for signage, components for the transportation sector, and profiles for special applications.

Due to their versatility, aluminum flat profiles are used to create innovative projects, such as the creation of lightweight structures for modern architecture, mounting systems for photovoltaic panels, and custom solutions for interior design. The characteristics of flat profiles allow designers to explore new creative possibilities by exploiting the unique properties of aluminum.


Rely on Profall for the highest quality

Choosing Profall for the supply of aluminum flat profiles means relying on an experienced partner capable of offering high-quality products, customized solutions and unparalleled technical support.

Our production flexibility allows us to handle both large and small production batches, guaranteeing fast delivery times and a prompt response to each customer's specific needs.

The Aluminum Profiles team is ready to offer you personalized advice, assisting you from the design phase to final delivery.


Choose the quality, experience and customization that only Profall can offer you.

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