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Profilati Alluminio distinguishes itself by its dedication to meeting the requirements expressed by the client. The company's technicians do not limit themselves to using ready-made designs, but rather employ a collaborative methodology. Each project, in fact, is analysed in order to determine its feasibility, as well as to identify any potential areas for improvement. The company produces prototypes and small serial batches until highly-functional aluminum extrusions have been obtained.


In particular, the range of services offered by Profilati Alluminio consist of:

  • Analysis of the requirements and quick feasibility feedback

    Profilati Alluminio employs a collaborative approach. Together with the client, the company helps to determine the project's requirements and feasibility. In just a short time, the company is able to give the client a precise estimate and concrete feedback regarding...

  • Technical department

    Profilati Alluminio's technical staff boasts top-of-the-line problem solving skills. One of the company's greatest strengths, in fact, is its customer-oriented approach, whereby it is constantly dedicated to meeting the client's specific requirements. Every extru...

  • Custom profiles

    Profall is an Italian Company specialized in the production and supply of standard and custom aluminum extrusion profiles. We employ different aluminum alloys to extrude high quality profiles for any specific need, even with high technical content. We ship worldwide...

  • Speed of prototyping and pre-serial production

    The company is extremely well-organised, thus ensuring fast production times. On average, the prototyping and pre-serial production phases are carried out in just three weeks. Once the product has been approved, its serial production is executed in just two business...

  • Mechanical processing and finishes

    The aluminum extrusions produced by Profilati Alluminio can be furnished with untreated surfaces, or else with various surface finishes. The latter can essentially be grouped into two main categories: anodised finishes surface coatings Aluminum extrusio...

  • Aluminum alloys utilized

    The extrusions manufactured by Profall are made with so-called soft alloys: these are essentially the alloys that belong to the 1000, 3000 and 6000 series. Alloys of the 1000 series In terms of aluminum content, alloys of the 1000 series have a minimum purity ...

  • After sales technical support

    Profilati Alluminio is highly dedicated to customer satisfaction. Its goal is to provide highly functional products of exceptional quality. In the event that any technical or compliance-related issues should arise, the company's technicians are at the client's compl...


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