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Aluminum picture frames

image-Aluminum picture frames
  • Minimum order Kg: 200

These special aluminum profiles are designed for use with various types of picture frames.


The square aluminum picture frames are designed to be cut at 45° and to house fastening and corner assembly brackets. Aluminum picture frames are often comprised of pairs of aluminum frames, which are made up of:

  • a base and wall-fastening element
  • a snap-on closure element for securing the panel

Our aluminum picture frames are often used to create wall-mounted notice boards for posting notices or announcements, or else magnetic whiteboards for office use.


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Made in Italy aluminum picture frames

In its Italian production, the company adopts a collaborative approach, with a view to solving all customer needs. Profall is able to analyze and understand every technical need, even the most complex, coming into contact with many different realities. As a result we produce completely customized aluminum profiles, designed to fit the customer's needs. Aluminum picture frames are made from 6060 alloy and are supplied in bar format. The minimum quantity for each order is 200 kg.


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  • image-Picture frames - Art 3913
    Code 3913
    PGM 210 g/m
  • image-Picture frames - Art 3930
    Code 3930
    PGM 420 g/m
  • image-Picture frames - Art 3931
    Code 3931
    PGM 450 g/m
  • image-Picture frames - Art 3934
    Code 3934
    PGM 290 g/m
  • image-Picture frames - Art 3936
    Code 3936
    PGM 440 g/m
  • image-Picture frames - Art 3947
    Code 3947
    PGM 370 g/m
  • image-Picture frames - Art 3958
    Code 3958
    PGM 485 g/m
  • image-Picture frames - Art 3971
    Code 3971
    PGM 340 g/m
  • image-Picture frames - Art 3959
    Code 3959
    PGM 230 g/m
  • image-Picture frames - Art 3972
    Code 3972
    PGM 345 g/m
  • image-Picture frames - Art 3973
    Code 3973
    PGM 300 g/m

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