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Aluminum extrusion in Italy: Profall's profiles and services

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It is not always easy to find an Italian aluminum extrusion manufacturer, but Profall is one of them. We produce aluminum extrusions for both the domestic and foreign markets, exporting standard and highly customized profiles all over the world, even with very low dimensional tolerances.

Aluminum extrusion in Italy

We are an Italian aluminum extrusion manufacturer: our headquarters are in Varese, in Northern Italy. But we export all over the world, partnering with companies that work in a wide variety of sectors, such as:

  • transportation
  • electronics
  • electro-mechanic
  • automotive
  • aeronautics
  • architecture
  • lighting
  • robotics
  • furniture
  • design

All the profiles we produce

It is difficult to list all the types of extruded profiles we produce because each of them can vary in shape, size and even color, depending on your needs and sector of application. For simplicity, we have divided them into three broad categories:

  • 15 types of standard profiles - corners with equal and unequal sides; flat, square, round, flat bars with round edges; double and simple channels; half round; C, Z, H profiles; square, rectangular, round tubes.

standard profiles    standard profiles  standard profiles

  • 11 types of special profiles - special section corners; borders with screw attachment and for motor vehicles; joint cover with stem; frames; handrails for stairs; furniture handles; special U profiles and glazing beads; drip trays and splash shields; aluminum chisels.

special profiles  special profiles  special profiles


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Aluminum extrusion in Italy

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The advantages of aluminum extrusion according to Profall

There are various reasons why national and international companies work with an aluminum extrusion manufacturer like Profall in Italy. Among these, the fact that Profall is among the few companies able to extrude high quality aluminum even with very small dimensional tolerances and with a high degree of technical complexity.

How do we do it? Thanks to a team of professional technicians and a constantly updated and technologically advanced fleet. Starting from a technical drawing, we can create extrusions tailored to your needs, whatever your business sector.

Here are the practical advantages you will reap by choosing Profall as an Italian aluminum extrusion manufacturer:

  • fast request analysis and feedback
  • delivery within about two weeks from the moment of prototyping
  • after-sales technical assistance through technicians who are at your complete disposal to answer your questions or solve problems
  • possibility to partially or completely customize the extrusions, also by adding company logos, bar codes, and other identifying elements.


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Aluminum extrusion in Italy, export all over the world

One of our strengths is that we do not only deal with aluminum extrusion in Italy. In fact, although our headquarters are located in this country, we export all over the world with shipping prices that do not particularly affect the final cost.

For example, we were called by an architectural firm to create specially crafted bicycle racks for Doha, Qatar: the result is now visible on the city's cycle paths.


Are you looking for an aluminum extrusion manufacturer in Italy that exports all over the world?

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