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Looking for an aluminum extrusion company? Check out Profall!

Written on by in Extruded profiles
If you’re looking for a company that specializes in aluminum extrusion, you’ve come to the right place: Profilati Alluminio is a well-known producer of extrusions of various sizes (especially medium, small and extra small), often in complex and customized shapes that are difficult to find on the market.

aluminum extrusion company

In fact, in addition to the standard or special profiles found in the catalog, as an aluminum extrusion company Profall even manufactures extrusions, semi-finished products, and finished products based on designs tailored to your specific needs. That’s because aluminum is used in practically every industrial sector: among others, the construction, electronics, furniture, and automotive industries still utilize this material extensively for various purposes and applications.

Moreover, aluminum:

  • is a much lighter metal than steel;
  • has an aesthetic appeal that even makes it suitable for design applications;
  • is resistant to wear and corrosion due to atmospheric or chemical agents;
  • has good mechanical strength and formability.

What can you request from an aluminum extrusion company like Profall

As an aluminum extrusion company, Profall has worked extensively to develop specific strengths, in order to guarantee comprehensive service quality for its customers. This means that you can expect:

  • the possibility of even ordering small batches – generally starting as low as 200 kg;
  • constant technical support and assistance with the creation of all your profiles, starting with the design phase;
  • functional cost optimization;
  • rapid delivery times;
  • emergency technical support.

The product range offered by Profall, your aluminum extrusion company

The production range is focused on two main categories of aluminum extrusions made from the 1000, 3000, and 6000 series alloys:

  • standard profiles – bars, pipes, corners, channels, half pipes, Z, H, and C profiles;
  • special profiles – U-profiles, glazing beads, bars, borders, joint covers, frames, handles, drainers, edging, handrails, and corners with special cross-sections.

But our aluminum extrusion company even goes beyond.

customized profilesNeed completely customized profiles? No problem! In addition to the extrusions contained in our catalog, customers can also request new ones to be made based on their specific needs: this means that our technicians and engineers will come up with a custom design and will create a dedicated mold, all to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

Check out some of the aluminum extrusions specially designed by Profall.

Unlike many other aluminum extrusion companies, Profall even offers the possibility of producing profiles with a high degree of technical complexity, and with extremely small dimensional tolerances.

finished products in aluminumLooking for finished products in aluminum? These are available upon request, too! Our company is no stranger to the meticulous creation of designs and molds for the production of finished products. For example, we recently created several pieces of aluminum street furniture for the city of Doha, in Qatar, and the frames for the cabin paintings on MSC cruise ships.

Profall's new partnership benefits its customers

Profall is able to offer a wide range of products thanks to its constant investment in research and development, which allows it to make use of the latest and most advanced technologies. Most recently, Profall has established a partnership with another aluminum extrusion company, RCRAMERA.

extrusion company

What can our customers get out of this new partnership? A series of additional services, such as:

  • the choice of the color and glossiness required for your aluminum products;
  • the possibility of transforming the extrusions to meet your needs;
  • the possibility of customizing the aluminum products’ packaging by applying logos, barcodes, and other distinctive markings.

In short, our aluminum extrusion company’s uniqueness lies precisely in the fact that we transform our customers’ requests into exclusive products of uncompromising quality.


Looking for a company that specializes in aluminum extrusion? 

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