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Aluminum tubing: which to choose and where to find them

Written on by in Extruded profiles
Aluminum tubing is used in many industrial sectors thanks to the mechanical characteristics of this material. In addition, the possibility to create different alloys opens the road to these products for many industrial sectors.

With its malleability, aluminum can be used in numerous applications, employed by small and medium-sized companies as well as by large industries, from furniture manufacturers to building companies, from bicycles to air conditioning.

According to the specific use you may make of it, aluminum tubing can be made with round, square or rectangular section, and in various alloys and sizes.

Check our short guide on the characteristics of our aluminum tubing.

Aluminum tubing: characteristics

Before listing the different kinds of tubing made by Profall, it’s useful to specify that all aluminum tubes share these characteristics and advantages:

  • The alloys used to make aluminum tubing can be 1050, 1070, 3103 or 6060;
  • Aluminum tubes weigh much less than steel ones;
  • Aluminum tubes can be anodized, to make their surface resistant to corrosion;
  • They can be painted and do not tarnish;
  • They’re very resistant and durable;
  • They’re certified according to the strictest international standards.

Profall produces three main types of aluminum tubing, included in our category of standard aluminum profiles.


round aluminum tubing

Round aluminum tubing

Generally, round tubing has dimensional tolerances of +/- 0.15 mm in diameter.

Clients can choose whether to purchase round tubes as bars or rolls, starting from 8 mm.

Read the technical information sheet



square aluminum tubing

Square aluminum tubing

Rectangular aluminum tubing is mainly used in the building, furniture, electro-mechanical and mechanical sectors.

It is also possible to choose between bar or roll formats starting from the size of 7 mm.

Read the technical information sheet



rectangular aluminum tubing

Rectangular aluminum tubing

Profall aluminum rectangular tubing can be of various sizes, even very small, starting from 5 mm up to 120 mm.

Read the technical information sheet




The choice of type of tubing best suitable for your own work will vary according to the project and to the function the tubing is expected to have, but in any case, you can be sure you’ll have a product that is easy to adapt to each context and that is always reliable, even when submitted to very intense strains.


Why choose Profall for your aluminum tubing?

Choosing our aluminum tubing means being able to count on high-quality, safe and durable products. In addition, Profilati Alluminio also ensures quick delivery, usually within two weeks after placing the order.

We are also available to create non-standard solutions that can be entirely customized.

We specialize in the making of medium and small extrusions, even those that come in very particular shapes. Thanks to a press and an extrusion line of 850 tons, Profilati Alluminio can produce aluminum profiles that not all manufacturers are able to make.

Choose Profall’s quality


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