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Aluminum extrusion: how high-quality extrusions are produced

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Aluminum extrusion is an industrial method that requires high precision machinery, and which allows for the production of extrusion profiles of various shapes and sizes suitable for various industrial applications.

Aluminum extrusion is a mechanical plastic deformation process which takes place by means of a horizontal press which compresses a cylindrical aluminum block that passes through one or more holes of the die whose section determines the finished product.

Already conceived in the 1700s, from the second half of the 1900s it became a consolidated process for the production of high-precision extrusions and high technological components, which find application in a variety of fields: from electronics to automotive, from construction to furnishings to the engineering sector.

The result of aluminum extrusion: an overview of extrusions

Extrusion requires advanced technology capable of guaranteeing maximum precision throughout the process, in order to manufacture extrusions that fully respond to application needs, such as fully customizable profiles with even very small dimensional tolerances offered by Profall.

The main extrusion products are aluminum profiles with different shapes, sizes and thicknesses:

  • standard extrusions – angles, bars, channels, round profiles, pipes, C, Z, H profiles;
  • special extrusions – special section angles, borders, frames, handles, handrails, claws, glazing bead profiles, U-profiles, drainers, joint covers with shank.

The alloys used during extrusion

The main alloys used in aluminum extrusion belong to the class of so-called "soft alloys", easy to work and weld, and include:

  • the 1000 series alloys, mainly used in the electrical and electromechanical sector;
  • the 3000 series alloys, ideal for the automotive sector and heat exchangers;
  • the 6000 series alloys, especially for welded structures and mechanically machined components of almost every industrial sector.

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Beyond aluminum extrusion: Profall products

Compared to other companies in the sector, Profall, as a company specializing in high precision aluminum extrusion, guarantees the possibility of requesting fully customizable profiles, both by modifying the extrusions in the catalog and by creating them on the basis of a new technical drawing.

Its technology, in fact, allows it to bring drawings to life by technicians and engineers who often need totally customized extrusions for specific applications in their field and which sometimes require very small dimensional tolerances, difficult to find.

Aluminum extrusion

Thanks to new partnerships and constant investment in technology, Profall also deals with a series of processes and services that go beyond aluminum extrusion:

  • cutting and shearing;
  • aluminum surface treatment to remove impurities and allow for easy painting;
  • customized aluminum packaging.

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