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What aluminum profile do you need?

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Profilati in Alluminio is an Italian company that produces aluminum profiles of different types and attempts to respond to all its clients’ needs. An aluminum profile can have many different uses, and they are employed in several industrial and market sectors.

Profilati Alluminio offers a catalog of standard aluminum tubing, but we also dedicate our work to the creation of ad hoc solutions studied upon request of our clients and designed with them.

Aluminum profile: standard, special or personalized? Multiple solutions

Aluminum profiles are obtained through an extrusion process. At certain temperatures, it deforms aluminum in order to obtain specific shapes and sizes, using extrusion molds.

The aluminum we use at Profilati Alluminio is top quality, and aluminum alloys 1050, 1070, 3003, 3103, 3004, 6060, 6063, and 6005 offer a wide range of possibilities that cover all the technical needs of the different sectors.

profall aluminum profilesOur wide range of products is divided in three categories:

  1.    Standard aluminum profiles
  2.    Special aluminum profiles
  3.    Personalized aluminum profiles

Which field do you work in? Do you need a consultancy on the kinds of aluminum profiles suit your needs?

Contact us!

Standard aluminum profiles

Standard aluminum extrusions include all aluminum profiles in simple shapes, such as bars, profiles, tubing, half-round profiles, angular profiles, simple or double gutters, U-, Z-, H- and C-shaped profiles.

The main industrial sectors that use these profiles are:

  • Transportation: to produce chassis, glasses, and interiors;
  • Lighting, more specifically LED lights;
  • Electronics, for heat sinks and, more specifically, solar panels and inverters
  • Electro-mechanic, to manufacture current transformers;
  • Automotive: heat exchangers and air conditioning systems, radiators, tubes, and connections for fluid distribution.

What sector do you work in? Do you need consultancy for the aluminum profile you need?

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