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The flexibility of industrial aluminium wire and Profall's advantages

Written on by in Extruded profiles

A large problem in all industrial sectors is the choice of wires, size, material and calculation of the various associated risks. Industrial aluminium wire is increasing more popular in all sectors and for a wide range of uses, especially as a core for electric cables and metallic cords, in various braids and sizes.


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Industrial aluminium wire instead of copper

As known, copper is a precious resource in the industrial field due to its excellent conductivity, flexibility of use and high mechanical resistance. Unfortunately, however, the copper market has radically changed in recent years: the price has risen exponentially and its use has rapidly dropped. After a long series of studies and experiments, copper's worthy heir was found for almost all processes: aluminium.


The advantages of industrial aluminium wire

An industrial aluminium wire has special properties that have made it famous and widely used throughout the work: the light weight, market price and high flexibility of this metal are winning and sought after properties.

  • Industrial aluminium wire is much lighter than copper, since it has a much lighter specific weight, with consequent lower transport and handling costs.
  • On the price level, industrial aluminium wire is cheaper than copper and this aspect has led to its extensive and rapid popularity in all industrial sectors.
  • Aluminium can acquire new properties thanks to a combination with other alloys; the large quantity of alloys that can be obtained from aluminium is one of the largest overall, this makes industrial aluminium wire extremely versatile.
  • The average working life of industrial aluminium wire is almost the same as copper wire, even if, in time, its resistance slightly increases.
  • Aluminium provides high performance in terms of heat and electric conductivity which is not the same as copper but represents an efficient and sophisticated alternative.


The advantages of Profall industrial aluminium wire

Profall is an Italian company that has been operating in the extruded aluminium part industry for many years. It stands out for its quality and skill, guaranteeing a one of a kind expertise in this sector.

Profile produces extruded high quality aluminium parts, profiles and industrial wire, even with high technical complexity:

  • Research and development are extremely important to Profall to create maximum quality Made in Italy products.
  • Profall is able to produce industrial aluminium wire with many different alloys according to your needs.
  • Profall solutions are always innovative thanks to the constantly updated technological fleet.
  • Supplies can start from small lots and delivery times are always rapid.


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