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Profiles for mobile partitions: quality and precision of aluminum

Written on by in Extruded profiles

In the furnishing and technical furnishing sector, it is important for every element to follow a precise design, for both structural and aesthetic reasons. Thanks to aluminum it is possible to create profiles for mobile partitions and sections, for a functional, designer solution. Profall produces these profiles impeccably through a high quality extrusion process to create products that are perfect for use in the technical furnishings sector.

Explore aluminum profiles for mobile partitions by Profall, and experience Made in Italy quality!

The entire furnishings and technical furnishings sector is characterized by various types of equipment that require maximum precision, with finishes that must be perfect to create the right atmosphere.

The aluminum revolution

Aluminum is slowly replacing many other materials in almost every sector, from electronics to furnishings:

  • Aluminum is extremely versatile and can be easily processed.
  • In contrast to other metals and many other materials, it is very low in cost.
  • Aluminum is an excellent electrical and thermal conductor.
  • It is resistant and durable, thanks to its mechanical characteristics it is very useful in structural applications.
  • This metal is very light and reduces the weight in the entire structure.
  • Aluminum is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, which ensures long-lasting connections.
  • It is aesthetically attractive and conveys minimal, urban style.

Aluminum as a furnishing element is functional and perfect for creating profiles for mobile partitions, which can be at risk of wear due to constant movement. Profall also creates other profiles in the technical furnishing sector, in particular, for dividing retail spaces and offices, mobile partitions, walls with special fittings and divider walls.

The advantages of Profall aluminum profiles for mobile partitions

Profall is an Italian company that produces highly complex aluminum profiles. All our aluminum profiles can be customized, choosing the alloy and dimensions of the extrusion, as well as based on a specially designed profile.

Profall is specialized in medium and small size extrusions, also in special shapes. The Profall 850 ton extrusion line can create aluminum extrusions that others are not able to.

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