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Premium quality extruded aluminum

Written on by in Extruded profiles
image Premium quality extruded aluminum
Extruded aluminum can be found in many different shapes according to need, with a standard or special section, even custom designed and with variable dimensions.

Extrusion is a process where a solid aluminum cylinder is compressed by a horizontal press through the holes of a die, whose section generates a piece of aluminum with constant section. Invented at the end of the eighteenth century, it is only in the second half of the twentieth century that it's use expanded as far as to create metallic industrial materials.

The quality of extruded aluminum

Profilati Alluminio has specialized in this process in order to obtain premium quality extruded aluminum which, being produced with great precision and attention to detail and with a high technological content, always guarantees maximum performance. Thanks to these qualities, we supply aluminum extrusions suitable for all industrial sectors. You can learn more about what extruded aluminum is on this page.

The quality of extruded aluminum, in fact, also depends on the great attention to detail that Profilati Alluminio reserves to the entire process, becoming able to meet to the most diverse customer requirements: therefore, not only premium quality extruded aluminum, but also totally tailored and customized.


Are you looking for premium quality extruded aluminum? Put Profall’s quality to the test!

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Extruded aluminum for every need

Profilati Alluminio is specialized in the production of aluminum extrusions of medium and small dimensions, totally customizable based on the requests. In fact, the use of a press and 850-ton extrusion line provides the precision to create aluminum extrusions that most other companies cannot.

The standard extrusions manufactured by Profilati Alluminio include:

  • Corner profiles with equal and unequal sides
  • Aluminum bars
  • Simple and double aluminum gutters
  • C, Z and H-shaped aluminum profiles
  • Special aluminum profiles

Each is fully customizable on request.

Corner profiles with equal and unequal sides


These are extremely tine aluminum profiles, at time made with alloys that enhance their functional properties, especially used in the construction, electromechanical, domestic and mechanical fields.

Aluminum bars


These are aluminum extrusions that include flat bars, flat bars with round edges, square and round bars, used in different sectors. They also come extremely thin.

Simple and double aluminum gutters


Used in the construction, electrical, electromechanical, automotive and furnishing sectors, the simple and double aluminum gutters are constructed with specific aluminum alloys to optimize the function of the extrusions.

C, Z and H-shaped aluminum profiles


This type of extruded aluminum is widespread in all sectors that use aluminum profiles. They also come extremely thin.

Special aluminum profiles


These aluminum profiles, suitable for complex needs, include frames, claws, special section corners, handrails, handles, borders for vehicles and other, glazing bead profiles, drip trays and U-shaped profiles with special design.

Custom extruded aluminum

The strength of Profilati Alluminio is the design and manufacture of aluminum extrusions fully tailored according to customer needs. The result is an excellent product, meeting the requirements, which allows to obtain wide technical margins.

Furthermore, although the aluminum extrusion is completely customized, prototyping and mass production guarantee good savings.


Are you looking for premium quality extruded aluminum? Put Profall’s quality to the test!

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