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Powder coated aluminum profiles: Profall’s service

Written on by Roberto De Lorenzi in Extruded profiles
Profilati Alluminio is an Italian company specialized not only in designing profiles and tubings but also in powder coating aluminum parts! Find out in this article the products in our catalog and what powder coating aluminum parts means.


Powder coated aluminum profiles are products that offer high quality and long resistance over time, thanks to the features allowed by this type of surface treatment. Here at Profall, we can supply you with the powder coated aluminum profiles and tubings that you will find below.

Specifically, we will address different subjects:

Powder coating: what it is and how to coat aluminum parts

The process of powder coating an aluminum profile or tubing consists in covering the surface with a layer of paint, both for aesthetic reasons and to protect it against possible external agents.

Aluminum parts can be coated with powder or liquid paint – water or solvent-based. Powder coating is a solid option and results quite effectively because carried out in a dry manner, using colored synthetic resins.

Aluminum profiles and tubings are usually powder coated through the static electricity between powder and air – undergoing a negative electric charge – which allows the paint to deposit and adhere to the metal.

Subsequently, the profile is dried inside an oven, where powder paint polymerizes while creating the layer of coat desired. Once out of the oven, the aluminum part is left to cool down and harden, in order to give life to a product with very high quality.

Here at Profall, we’re able to supply you with powder coated aluminum parts in every RAL color you wish for, also in order to create specific decoration effects.

Profall’s aluminum profiles that can be powder coated

Standard profiles

  • image-Aluminum round bar
    Aluminum round bar
  • image-Aluminum square bar
    Aluminum square bar
  • image-Aluminum round tubing
    Aluminum round tubing
  • image-aluminum square tubing
    Aluminum square tubing
  • image-Aluminum rectangular tubing
    Aluminum rectangular tubing
  • image-Aluminum flat bar
    Aluminum flat bar
  • image-Aluminum flat bars with rounded edges
    Aluminum flat bars with rounded edges
  • image-Aluminum corner extrusion with even sides
    Aluminum corner extrusion with even sides
  • image-Aluminum corner extrusion with uneven sides
    Aluminum corner extrusion with uneven sides
  • image-Semicircular elements
    Aluminum semicircular elements
  • image-Aluminum u channel
    Aluminum U channel extrusions
  • image-aluminum double duct profiles
    Aluminum double duct profiles
  • image-aluminum z bar
    Aluminum Z bar
  • image-Aluminum H section
    Aluminum H section
  • image-Aluminum T-track
    Aluminum T-track

The entire range of standard aluminum extrusion profiles and tubings in Profall’s catalog can be powder coated to improve their technical and mechanical properties and give a special aesthetic touch to every single part.

These standard parts are profiles and tubings with a simple and standardized shape, available in different formats and created from the most suitable materials – which are quality aluminum alloys.

Profall’s variety of standard profiles – composed of bars, corner extrusions, and channels, among others – also includes powder coated aluminum tubings: round, square, and rectangular. The dimensional tolerances of all these parts are generally equal to +/- 0,15 mm in diameter.

We are able to supply you with powder coated standard profiles and tubing for each and every industrial application, such as:

  • transport
  • furnishings
  • technical furnishing elements
  • lighting
  • electronics
  • electromechanical
  • automotive

Find the perfect profiles with us


Special profiles

  • image-Special U-profiles
    Special U-profiles
  • image-Aluminum glazing extrusions
    Aluminum glazing extrusions
  • image-Borders with screw attachments
    Aluminum borders with screw attachments
  • image-Borders for motor vehicles
    Aluminum trim profiles for motor vehicles
  • image-Transition strips with shank
    Transition strips with shanks
  • image-Aluminum picture frames
    Aluminum picture frames
  • image-extruded aluminum handles
    Extruded aluminum handles
  • image-Drainers and water deflectors
    Aluminum drainers and water deflectors
  • image-Aluminium curve profiles
    Aluminum curve profiles
  • image-Corner elements with special cross-sections
    Corner elements with special cross-sections
  • image-Handrail-extrusions
    Handrail extrusions

Unlike the standard ones, the special aluminum extrusion profiles guaranteed by Profall don’t have simple shapes but are designed according to more specific configurations, in order to meet broader needs. Starting from a technical drawing, then, we can create aluminum parts for the most varied industrial sectors.

The technical and mechanical features of these products are more complex to obtain, but give life to incredibly versatile aluminum profiles, which are well suitable to be powder coated.

Even in this case, we resort to the best aluminum alloys, specifically the 6060 which offers several qualities:

  • has high weldability
  • is easy to process
  • is ideal for oxidation for decorative, protective, and hard anodizing
  • guarantees effective acoustic and thermal isolation
  • is an aluminum alloy that can be powder coated
  • has a high degree of resistance to corrosion

Take a closer look at Profall’s entire range of powder coated aluminum parts!

Aluminum extrusion profiles

Customization possibility and international supply

Profall not only supplies powder coated aluminum tubings and profiles but also offers an effective customization service for every metallic part you need. Our extrusions, in fact, can be customized according to your application needs.

You can send us a technical drawing of your project, and we’ll evaluate its feasibility and carry out the surface treatments you require on the profile:

  • cutting to size
  • drilling and micro-drilling
  • shearing
  • milling
  • CNC machining
  • bending and calendering

Also, Profall guarantees a worldwide delivery service for powder coated aluminum parts! No matter where you are, we can supply you with the profiles and tubings you wish for in 2 working weeks and with a minimum order of 200 kg.


The advantages of powder coated aluminum parts

As we have already mentioned earlier, powder coating gives our aluminum tubings and profiles improved technical and mechanical features, notably because the powder used for painting creates a highly protective coating.

Thus, the advantages that powder coating offers to aluminum profiles and tubings can be summed up as follows:

  • resistance to corrosion, atmospheric conditions, mold, and bacteria
  • possibility to choose glossy, matt, or satin paints
  • resistance to shock, stains, scratches, and dents
  • possibility to reuse and recycle powder coated aluminum parts
  • refinement of the aesthetic appearance 

Essentially, powder coated aluminum is the ideal choice for those looking for profiles and tubings that can last longer and without any damage. Through our service, we can supply you with these parts anytime, anywhere.

Profall: superior powder-coated aluminum profiles for durability and aesthetics

Profall stands out as a premier supplier of powder-coated aluminum profiles, offering unparalleled advantages to its clientele. This innovative coating technique not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the aluminum profiles but also significantly increases their resistance to corrosion, UV rays, and harsh weather conditions, making them an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. 

Profall's commitment to using advanced technology in their powder coating process also allows for a wide range of color options and finishes, enabling customers to achieve the exact look and feel they desire for their projects. 

With Profall, clients gain access to high-quality, customized aluminum profiles that are not only aesthetically pleasing but also built to last, ensuring that every project stands out with excellence and durability.


Are you looking for a company offering powder coated aluminum parts? Profall is the one for you, then!

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