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Here it is, your Aluminum Window Extrusion Manufacturer!

Written on by Roberto De Lorenzi in Extruded profiles
image Here it is, your Aluminum Window Extrusion Manufacturer!
For your supply of aluminum window extrusions, Profall is your trusted manufacturer. Thanks to a full service and high-quality internal processes, we are able to meet your needs and help you find the solution that most suits you. Find out everything in this article!

In this article, we will delve into:


Profall, aluminum window extrusion manufacturer

Profilati Alluminio is a company that specializes in the extrusion and supply of aluminum profiles for several industries. Among these, the construction field is included, for which we manufacture aluminum window extrusions, as well as other solutions for frames.

Thanks to our internal processes – which are characterized by accurate and high-quality treatments – we are able to offer a catalog that includes standard, special, and even customized solutions, as to meet our clients’ needs in any way.

Relying on Profall means counting on the manufacturing of resistant and versatile window extrusions made starting from the best aluminum alloys available – such as the 1050, 1070, 3103, and 6060. Furthermore, each one of our products is certified according to European standards in terms of security.


The range of aluminum window extrusions we manufacture

Corner extrusions with even sides, uneven sides, and special cross-sections

Aluminum corner profiles are crucial elements in the manufacturing of windows. In our catalog, you will find three types:

  • image-Aluminum corner extrusion with even sides
    Aluminum corner extrusion with even sides
  • image-Aluminum corner extrusion with uneven sides
    Aluminum corner extrusion with uneven sides
  • image-Corner elements with special cross-sections
    Corner elements with special cross-sections


Corner extrusions with even and uneven sides are profiles with a distinctive L shape. They differ for the side length, which is different. These are standard profiles, which are made in simple shapes and with a dimensional tolerance of +/- 0.15mm on the side.

They are mainly used in the electronic, furnishing, robotic, construction, mechanical, electromechanical, and domestic fields.

Corner elements with special cross-sections, instead, are aluminum extrusions for windows that are manufactured in a special configuration, not only in the construction field but also to assemble industrial vehicles, where they are used as essential components for windows.

They are made in the 6060 aluminum alloy which gives them high mechanical strength, and thermal and electrical conductivity and makes them compatible with treatments such as welding.


U channels, double ducts, and special U profiles

Among the most fundamental aluminum profiles for window manufacturing, you will find all those extrusions that support the sliding, so that opening and closing the window is a safe and gentle operation. We’re talking about:

  • image-Aluminum u channel
    Aluminum U channel extrusions
  • image-aluminum double duct profiles
    Aluminum double duct profiles
  • image-Special U-profiles
    Special U-profiles

U channels and double ducts are standard profiles that differ in the number of tracks they host. They present dimensional tolerances of +/- 0.15mm on the side and find use in the electronic, electromechanical, automotive, furnishing, construction, and domestic fields.

Special U channels, instead, present a more rounded shape than the others, because they’re aluminum profiles that can adapt to windows with special configurations, not only in the construction field but also to assemble industrial vehicles.


T-tracks, H sections, and Z bars

There are also three standard extrusions in our catalog that find widespread use in the manufacturing of aluminum windows. Here they are:

  • image-Aluminum T-track
    Aluminum T-track
  • image-Aluminum H section
    Aluminum H section
  • image-aluminum z bar
    Aluminum Z bar

Aluminum T-tracks, also known as C profiles, are similar to U channels but have a more distinguishing shape. They serve as a supporting element for the safe and efficient sliding of windows.

H sections, instead, can be used as sliding elements thanks to their mirrored double tracks. Other applications of these extrusions are as window uprights or junction elements.

Finally, Z bars are mainly used to manufacture aluminum window frames and structures with increased load-bearing capacity. They are also employed to permanently fix the window glass.

All these profiles present dimensional tolerances of +/- 0.15mm on the side and find use in the mechanical, electronic, construction, domestic, automotive, and furnishing fields.


Glazing extrusions and picture frames

Finally, there are two other types of aluminum extrusions used in window manufacturing, this time they belong to the special profile category. Here they are:

  • image-Aluminum glazing extrusions
    Aluminum glazing extrusions
  • image-Aluminum picture frames
    Aluminum picture frames

Glazing extrusions are fundamental in the construction and furnishing industries. These are profiles designed to host and fix the glass to the window frame. They can be assembled into the structure through coupling or interlocking.

Picture frames, instead, are composed of a base element for wall fixing and a snap closure element for window glass fixing. These profiles have a 45° cut and can host fastening and corner assembly brackets.


Discover our full catalog!

Aluminum extrusion profiles


Customized profiles

Among the services offered by Profall, there’s also the possibility to ask for customized extrusions. In fact, if the products in our catalog don’t meet your requirements, we can manufacture the one that meets the technical and mechanical characteristics you’re looking for.

As customized aluminum window extrusion manufacturers, we offer a simple procedure: you only need to send us the technical drawing of the piece and we’ll test the project feasibility, start its prototyping and, consequently, carry out its pre-series production.

Customization happens in terms of:

  • shapes, colors, sizes, and dimensional tolerances
  • mechanical treatments (such as drilling, shearing, and CNC machining)
  • surface finishes (such as anodizing and RAL painting)


The manufacturing process of aluminum extrusions

The manufacturing process of aluminum profiles – both for windows and other applications – can vary according to the extrusion method used. Generally, it includes the following steps:

  1. First of all, aluminum is prepared for extrusion through melting, thus skilled into a matrix with the desired shape – heat makes it more malleable
  2. Melted aluminum is then inserted into a press, where it is pushed on the other side of the matrix through direct or indirect extrusions, in order to give it the required shape
  3. Once extracted from the press, the extrusion is left to cool rapidlyas to avoid possible deformations – and is later cut into the desired length

This is how Profall manufactures aluminum window extrusions.

The manufacturing process of aluminum extrusions


The advantages of choosing Profall as your manufacturer

As well as benefiting from a vast catalog of solutions and our customization service. Relying on Profall for the manufacturing and supplying of window aluminum extrusions means counting on a skilled and professional company in each step of our processes.

Not only we will walk you through the manufacturing of the window aluminum extrusion you’re looking for, helping you create the product that best suits your application needs, but we also offer:

  • 2 working weeks worldwide delivery, thanks to our international delivery service
  • after-sale assistance for every need

The efficiency of our service is renowned by all our worldwide clients, which are able to find in our products the solution they need.


Start relying on Profall’s know-how!

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