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Anticorodal aluminum: applications and characteristics

Written on by in Extruded profiles
Anticorodal aluminum is a material that is light and resistant at the same time, suitable for different industrial applications. With Profall, you can employ and create custom-made profiles using this alloy’s qualities. Find out all its characteristics and the advantages of our service.

anticorodal aluminum

During the manufacturing of our extrusions, Profall resorts to the most robust, innovative, and effective materials, in order to guarantee quality products to our customers. In this sense, anticorodal aluminum is an essential component in specific applications.

It’s an alloy that offers high versatility and can be used on a large scale for multiple applications, always guaranteeing optimal performance and long-lasting resistance.

Characteristics of anticorodal aluminum

Anticorodal aluminum belongs to the 6000 series of aluminum alloys, a category created through heat treatment. It is composed of magnesium (with a percentage varying from 0.4 to 1.7%), manganese (from 0.5 to 1%), and silicon (from 1 to 5%).

Its characteristics include:

  • corrosion resistance
  • high weldability
  • great workability with machine tool
  • excellent technical anodizing and great decorative anodizing

All the materials used by Profall are certified according to the strictest standards for safety and guarantee high effectiveness in the long term.

Applications of anticorodal aluminum

Thanks to its versatility, this type of aluminum is perfect as a component in different industrial sectors, from technical furnishings to automotive, from architecture to interior design.

Specifically, here at Profall we mostly use 6060 anticorodal aluminum, which represents a perfect compromise for almost every application:

  • high-complex sections also with thin walls
  • architectural details
  • pipelines for conditioning and irrigation
  • low stress structures, such as joinery and furnishings (protective anodizing is suggested in sea areas or areas with high air pollution)
  • decorative details where the aesthetic is fundamental
  • car edges

Is anticorodal the ideal alloy for your aluminum profiles?

Contact us to find out!

Customize anticorodal aluminum with Profall

Anticorodal aluminum is a light and easy to work alloy. Thanks to its flexibility, in fact, it can be customized in different shapes, colors, thicknesses, and dimensional tolerances (also very reduced) demanded by our customers, in order to be adaptable to each and every application.

But that’s not all: Profall’s customization can also be performed on packaging and wrapping, for example applying logos, barcodes, or specific identification elements.

If you’re looking for customizable anticorodal aluminum products, Profilati Alluminio is the perfect manufacturer for you. Demanding a custom-made profile is the easiest thing to do, you only have to:

  • submit a request to our sales department with a draft of the profile you wish attached
  • specify the quantity you demand to be manufactured, with possible special finishings, custom cuttings, or mechanical treatments that you need
  • you can also ask for a small batch supply, starting from 200 kg

Choose Profall and the quality of anticorodal aluminum.

Contact us to know more


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