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Aluminum tube profiles: choose Profall’s quality

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Profall manufactures a vast range of profiles – including high-precision aluminum tube profiles. These are available in different shapes and sizes according to specific requirements. This article will show you the tube extrusions we can offer and explain to you what’s in our full service.

aluminum tube profiles

Aluminum tube profiles boast endless industrial applications, for example as sanitary, building, and automotive-related products.

Here’s the content you will find in this article:

One of the perks of aluminum is its weight, which is ⅓ lighter than steel. At the same time, the lightness of this material doesn’t hinder its peculiar resistance. Thanks to this combination of strength and flexibility, every sector takes advantage of the skillful use of aluminum tubes.

Each one of our profiles is manufactured according to international standards and can be anodized in order to give resistance to corrosion on their surface. Also, they can be demanded in different aluminum alloys.

Profall’s aluminum tube profiles

Profall creates aluminum tube profiles in different alloys, shapes, and sizes, even customized and with high technical complexity. Thanks to Profall’s vast experience, you can obtain the aluminum tube profiles that are most suited to your specific needs, even in small and very small dimensions.

Each one of these tubings is certified according to the strictest international regulations. Even the materials are of the highest possible quality, in order to guarantee resistant, robust, and long-lasting products.

The aluminum tubes you’ll find in our catalog belong to the standard profile category. Let’s see what are they:

The aluminum standard tube profiles in our catalog

Standard aluminum extrusion profiles are made with simple shapes and standardized dimensional tolerances. Their extrusion is carried out mainly with the 1050, 1070, and 3103 alloys – and, in some cases, even the 6060.

Profall’s standard profiles include bars, channels, corners, and aluminum tubes.

Here are our aluminum tube profiles:

Aluminum round tubing

aluminum round tubeThese aluminum tube profiles are made in the 1050, 1070, 3103, or 6060 alloys according to the needs and the application field.

They are mainly used in the mechanical, electromechanical, construction, and furnishing fields. Aluminum round tubing generally has a dimensional tolerance of +/- 0.15 mm in diameter.

They are available in different dimensional and weight parameters, and in the bar or reel format.

Aluminum square tubing

aluminum square tubeProfall’s aluminum square tubing is made in the 1050, 1070, 3103, or 6060 alloys.

They are mainly used in the mechanical, electromechanical, furnishing, and automotive fields. These aluminum tube profiles can be customized according to the specific requirements of the customer.

It is also possible to choose between the bar or reel format starting from a 7 mm size.

Aluminum rectangular tubing

aluminum rectangular tubeStill made in the 1050, 1070, 3103, or 6060 alloys, Profall’s aluminum rectangular tubing can come in different sizes – even very small – starting from a minimum of 5 mm and up to 120 mm.

Used in several fields, these aluminum tube profiles boast optimal resistance and great versatility.

It is also possible to demand special dimensional tolerances and mechanical features.

Take a look at this page to know more:

Standard aluminum extrusion profiles

Customized aluminum tube profiles

As already mentioned, Profall’s full service also includes the possibility to manufacture tailor-made aluminum tubing with specific characteristics, sizes, and tolerances.

Thanks to our customization service, we can meet any special needs of each one of our customers, both from the technical and aesthetic points of view. This happens through the execution of the following treatments:

  • RAL color painting
  • anodizing
  • cutting to size
  • drilling and micro drilling
  • shearing
  • milling
  • CNC machining
  • bending
  • calendering

This way, according to specific application needs, the tube profile you asked for will offer physical, mechanical, and aesthetic properties that only these kinds of processing and finishing can give.

The properties of aluminum tube profiles

Aluminum tube profiles find applications in several industrial sectors thanks to the mechanical features of this material. Moreover, the possibility to manufacture these extrusions in different alloys paves these products' way toward even more industrial fields.

What are the characteristics of aluminum tubes?

  • they offer a much higher product volume/purchased weight ratio compared to steel. This translates into considerable advantages from the mobility point of view
  • they don’t tarnish and are more prone to be painted
  • they offer considerable resistance and durability
  • they are excellent heat conductors
  • they can easily undergo welding
  • they are resistant to corrosion

Are you looking for aluminum tube profiles for your job?

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aluminum tube profile

How does the manufacturing process of tube profiles work?

The manufacturing process of aluminum tube profiles can follow different methods, whether you’re carrying out cold or hot processing. In this last case, you’ll be guaranteed to obtain profiles with broader machining possibilities.

The process employed for their manufacturing is called extrusion. It’s the plastic deformation of an aluminum part in order to give it the desired characteristics (physical and mechanical) and dimensions.

How does profile extrusion work?

  1. First of all, aluminum is heated and molten, so that it becomes malleable
  2. After this, it is put in a specific mold in the shape of a tube, so that it takes the desired shape
  3. Through direct or reverse extrusion, the material is extracted from the mold
  4. Finally, the aluminum tube profile is left to cool

Profall: the advantages of our service

Profall’s skill in extruding high-quality aluminum even in very small dimensional tolerances and with a high degree of technical complexity is unique. Thanks to our team of professionals and to technologically advanced machinery, we can supply our customers with specific aluminum tube profiles according to their needs.

We don’t only deliver our products in Italy but we cross any geographical frontiers. This is why we can provide our aluminum tube profiles worldwide and with low shipping costs.

Except for those we’ve already mentioned, here are the other benefits you’ll obtain if you choose Profall:

  • a quick analysis of the aluminum tube profiles demanded by our customer
  • delivery in about two working weeks after the prototyping step
  • technical after-sale assistance offered by our technicians, which can answer all your questions and solve any problem
  • possibility to customize – fully or partially – your aluminum tube profile

Choose quality and find out Profall’s aluminum tube profiles!

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