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Aluminum structural profiles: use and fields of application

Written on by in Extruded profiles
Aluminum structural profiles are special profiles used in a wide variety of fields, produced according to a specific design and often have very complex technical characteristics.

This type of profile is used, for example, in electronics, in industrial automation systems, in laboratory tables or as on-board protections, sliding rails for handles, etc.: all fields that require a high degree of precision.

What types of aluminum structural profiles are there?

Actually, there is a great variety of aluminum structural profiles because each one is subject to infinite customizations based on the final use - it would be impossible to list them all.

However, some of the main types of structural profiles include:

  • vehicle borders;
  • special section corners;
  • special U profiles;
  • borders with screw attachment;
  • handrails for stairs.

Here are the main features.

Vehicle borders

They are aluminum structural profiles mainly used in the preparation of industrial and commercial vehicles, such as buses and vans. They are, in fact, finishing and lining elements that accommodate the fastening screws of internal and external vehicle panels or the rubber elements of the bodywork.

Special section corners

  Often required with a knurled surface to enhance the aesthetic appearance of the elements on which they are applied, they are mostly used as finishing elements for panels or steps on buses, trains and other industrial vehicles or used for passenger transport.


Special U profiles

 These aluminum structural profiles are applied in various sectors: automotive, electronics, electromechanical, construction, furniture etc. and they can have very small dimensions. The dimensional tolerances of these extrusions, in fact, are generally equal to -/+ 0.15 mm, but much smaller specific dimensions can also be reached, as required.


Borders with screw attachment

They are special custom-designed profiles for the preparation of industrial vehicles and shops, fairs and other occasions in the field of technical furniture: their function is, in fact, to hide the fastening screws on panels.


Handrails for stairs

Used in the construction and furnishing sector, they are the handhold element for parapets and railings of stairs and balconies: while they hide the fastening screws, they also become aesthetic components that complete the design of the element to which they are applied.


Small-sized aluminum structural profiles

Specificity of Profall is to make aluminum structural profiles and other types of extrusions with even very small dimensional tolerances, well below common standard sizes.

This is made possible by the experience accumulated by the company over the years of activity and by the constant investment in research, development and technology in search of cutting-edge solutions, so much so as to have collaborated, for example, also with CERN Geneva for the production of particle accelerator components.

But not only the dimensions can be changed: the new partnership with RCRAMERA allows Profall to guarantee a customization service that also includes the surface finish of aluminum in order to remove impurities and guarantee any color request and packaging, with the possibility of applying logos, bar codes etc.


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