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Aluminum structural pipes: here’s Profall’s catalog

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Thanks to a high-temperature extrusion process, Profall manufactures top-quality aluminum structural pipes. With a high technological standard, excellent performing skills, and long-term resistance, our products can meet any application requirements. Find out Profall’s wide range!

aluminum structure

In the early 90s, the majority of structural components of assembling machines or used in buildings were mostly in iron or steel – which required milling, grinding, and lubrication processes, though. Thus, these structures were costly, complex, and heavy.

Throughout the years we have switched to aluminum, a metal that is lighter, resistant to corrosion, and with much higher aesthetic properties.

Today, Profall manufactures ad hoc aluminum structural pipes, thanks to a team of professional engineers. We not only supply standard models but also offer a customization service for all of our profiles, according to every specific requirement of our customers.

Profall’s range of aluminum pipes

To meet the numerous demands of aluminum components in different sectors (such as automotive, furnishing, electronic, and transport), Profilati Alluminio is committed to creating a wide range of profiles suitable for the most various applications.

The most employed aluminum structural pipes in the industrial field are divided into:

Aluminum square pipes

aluminum structural square pipes

Square tubings are structural aluminum pipes with standard dimensions (equal to +/- 0.15 mm per side), which can be customized according to the needs of the customer, even with very reduced dimensional tolerances.

Profall creates no less than twenty-two basic dimensions for square pipes, to guarantee a wide choice of ideal products for different application needs.

Aluminum rectangular pipes

aluminum structural rectangual pipe

Rectangular tubing has standard dimensions of +/-0.15 mm per side but can be customized by our team of experts in different shapes and dimensions.

We create aluminum structural pipes in twenty-five basic dimensions, which range from greater to very reduced thicknesses. Profall manufactures products with the utmost precision that is guaranteed by the high technological level of our production.

Aluminum round pipes

aluminum structural round pipe

Round tubings are aluminum structural pipes whose standard dimensions also offer the highest possible degree of customization.

Profall guarantees a choice of ninety-one basic dimensions and customization even with very reduced dimensional tolerances or specific mechanical characteristics.

Customized structural pipes

As already mentioned earlier, each aluminum structural pipe can be fully customized. Starting from a technical drawing specifically created by the customer, our team of professionals manufactures a top-notch custom-made profile.

Customization happens not only according to the dimensional tolerances of our aluminum pipes but also for:

  • shapes and thicknesses
  • color and degree of gloss of the aluminum
  • packaging and wrapping, where you will be able to apply your logo, barcodes, or other identifying elements

Profall’s full service

Profilati Alluminio’s aluminum structural pipes are made in materials of the highest quality and guarantee high manufacturing precision and long-term resistance.

Our customers’ satisfaction is at the core of our service. This is why at Profall we offer a complete service that includes:

  • analysis and feedback of the demand according to the feasibility of the project
  • creation of a prototype and rapid manufacturing in just two weeks by our team
  • shippings not only in Italy but also worldwide
  • possibility of receiving a supply of aluminum structural pipes even in small production batches – starting from 200 kg
  • technical support even in the after-sales

Choose safety, resistance, and customization:
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