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Aluminum profiles: the right profile for every application

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At Profall, we manufacture aluminum profiles in various shapes and sizes, depending on the sectors of use and the final applications. All our extrusions are highly customizable. See our catalog below and find out about the services included in the manufacture of your aluminum profile.

Aluminum profiles

Aluminum profiles are available in numerous production sectors, including construction, transport, automotive, furniture, lighting, and industrial machines. Do you need a custom aluminum profile for your business? See our products and services below.


Choose the aluminum profile for your business: standard, special, or 100% customized.

Our range of products includes 3 types of aluminum profiles: standard, special, and completely customized.


Standard profiles

Standard profilesA standard aluminum profile is a profile with a simple design and common characteristics:


Special profiles

Special profilesA special profile has a more elaborate design and more complex technical characteristics. For example, these are:

  • frames
  • handrail
  • handles
  • bullnoses
  • Profiles for windows and doors

But also more particular profiles, such as joint covers with stems, splash shields, or water pans.


Custom profiles

Custom profilesIf neither standard nor special profiles meet your needs, you can ask for a 100% customized aluminum profile.

We can make any product for you, even the most technically complex and very tight dimensional tolerances.

We look after everything: design, prototyping, and mass production.


Do you need a specific aluminum profile for your business?



Why choose Profall for your custom aluminum profile?

Why choose Profall? Because, in addition to the complete customization of your aluminum profile, we guarantee:

  • the possibility of requesting orders for small batches (starting from a minimum of 200 kg);
  • feedback on the feasibility of the project quickly;
  • prototyping and pre-series production within just 2 weeks of receiving the order! These two phases are essential to verify that the product is suitable for the requests and qualitatively impeccable;
  • mass production, a guarantee of reduced times and costs;
  • precise and accurate after-sales technical assistance.

Wherever your business is, you can always contact us: we ship throughout the world at a small additional cost.

Tell us your sector needs: we will find the right aluminum profile for you



How is an aluminum profile manufactured?

The manufacturing process of an aluminum profile is called extrusion; it consists of the deformation of the material by passing through a matrix die or mold. The extrusion process involves the use of very high temperatures needed to make the aluminum more malleable. Thus, profiles with the most varied shapes and sizes possible can be obtained.

Once cold, the aluminum profile is cut according to the required measurements.

The final step involves passing the profile into a special oven to make it hard and resistant as much as needed to be used as a constructive or structural element.


What type of aluminum do we use at Profall?

At Profall, we produce profiles with various aluminum alloys. The range of alloys we offer is capable of covering different needs, based on the target sectors:

  • 1050 alloy
  • 1070 alloy
  • 3003 alloy
  • 3103 alloy
  • 3004 alloy
  • 6060 alloy
  • 6063 alloy
  • 6005 alloy

Do you need a high-quality aluminum profile?




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