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Aluminum for radiators: the benefits of choosing Profall

Written on by in Extruded profiles
Profall produces extruded aluminum parts for radiators and for all HVAC&R sector metal parts. Choose Made in Italy quality!

Radiators contain various metal parts used to exchange heat to absorb and dissipate the excessive temperatures in internal combustion engine cylinders. Radiators also include the more common radiators or heaters, used to exchange the heat from liquids that flow inside it with the surrounding air, heating a room.


Profall produces extruded aluminum parts for radiators and for all HVAC&R sector metal parts.

Choose Made in Italy quality!


Most popular metals at a standstill

The metallic materials used to product radiators can be costly and subject to intolerable price oscillations. Some metals, such as copper due to its high heat conductivity, widely used in the HVAC&R sector (acronym for heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration), are at a standstill due to the prohibitive price and scarce availability.

Aluminum, much cheaper and easy to process, lives up to replacing copper, silver and other expensive metals.


The advantage of aluminum for radiators

The use of aluminum for radiators and in other fields in this industry has made copper a metal (almost) secondary in modern industries:

  • Aluminum is much lighter than most metals used in this sector, weighing even half as much as copper.
  • Aluminum for radiators has a significantly lower cost. Since aluminum is one of the most abundant metals in the world, it is easy to see how prices are lower compared to most other metals.
  • Aluminum has a long series of processing advantages and mechanical properties: it is malleable, ductile and suited for all plastic processes. The possibility of creating many different alloys makes it suited for almost all HVAC&R sector fields.
  • Average working life identical to that of copper: aluminum is considerably resistant, with a working life similar to copper and stainless steel. It is also weather resistant and does not require frequent maintenance.
  • Aluminum is weather resistant, does not require maintenance and has an average working life identical to that of copper and stainless steel.


The benefits of Profall

Profall is an Italian company that has been operating in the extruded aluminum part industry for many years. It stands out for its quality and skill, guaranteeing a one of a kind expertise in this sector.

  • Profall constantly invests in research and development, with the aim to create competitive and top quality Made in Italy products.
  • Profall creates extruded aluminum parts made of many different alloys, adapting parts to different uses.
  • Profall is specialized in the production of complex and precise extruded aluminum parts, with high technical properties, even small and extremely small sized.
  • The Italian company has continuously up to date materials and machinery, guaranteeing advanced solutions.
  • Even small supply lots are available,
  • Profall provides quick deliveries and is always there when needed, guaranteeing its full support for all your needs.


Choose the best, try Profall top quality aluminum for radiators!


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