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Aluminum extrusions for automation: find out Profall’s services and offer

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image Aluminum extrusions for automation: find out Profall’s services and offer
Profall is synonymous with completely customizable extrusions, even with very reduced dimensional tolerances. High performing aluminum extrusions for automation are included. Find out here our whole range and contact us for a free price quote.

The use of aluminum is affecting every industrial sector by now. Since it’s a resistant and easy to work metal, it allows the creation of a wide range of finished products and extrusions, even for industrial automation.


Our range of aluminum extrusions for automation

Standard or special, we provide different types of aluminum extrusions for automation use. Here’s Profall’s range of profileseach of them is widely customizable according to your specific needs:

  • bars for rollers
  • T-tracks
  • square, round, and rectangular tubes
  • semicircular elements
  • sound-absorbing profiles
  • profiles for foot traffic
  • profiles for conveyors
  • cable drag channel extrusions
  • profiles for frames


aluminum extrusion for automation - barsaluminum extrusion for automation - t tracksaluminum extrusion for automation - square profiles


Choose Profall’s aluminum extrusions: 

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Why are aluminum extrusions highly demanded in automation?

Aluminum extrusions are widely used in industrial automation mainly because of the following reasons:

  • they can be easily assembled and disassembled so that possible modifications can be practically made
  • they don’t require specific finishings since, for example, aluminum doesn’t need rustproof treatments – which is common for iron products
  • they are long-lasting because they resist the corrosion resulting from external agents


Profall: customization, technical support, worldwide shipping

One of the biggest advantages of Profall is the possibility to demand completely customized aluminum extrusions for automation: in fact, our strong suit is the design and production of 100% tailor-made profiles even with high technical complexity, very reduced dimensional tolerances – that are hard to find elsewhere –, and specific treatments.


But that’s not all, because with Profall you:

  • can order small batches of aluminum extrusions for automation – generally starting from 200 Kg
  • are guaranteed that the delivery is express, with about 2 weeks of prototyping starting from the date of the order approval
  • receive your extrusions everywhere you are – we ship worldwide at reasonable costs
  • receive after-sale technical support


Choose Profall’s aluminum extrusions: 

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