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Why use aluminum tubing instead of other materials?

Written on by in Extruded profiles
image Why use aluminum tubing instead of other materials?

Iron, steel and other materials were pervasive in many industrial sectors for centuries, and the discovery of electrolytic casting to produce aluminum revolutionized the world of technology; the possibility to create tubing in various sizes and shapes with such a versatile and accessible material rapidly replaced many other elements in a wide range of applications. What are the advantages of aluminum tubing in respect to other materials?

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The origins of tubing

The tube is an ancient invention for which the exact origin is not known. During the prehistoric era hollowed out tree trunks were used to transport fluids, even though these cannot be classified as tubes, the concept dates back far into history.

The purpose is essentially the same, transporting fluids and water, usually towards the city. Like in the case of Roman baths, which used lead tubes, or in Egypt, where copper tubes were used to convey potable water.

Today tubing is used for many different purposes, and the distinction between tubing used for plumbing applications and mechanical applications is fundamental.

The advantages of aluminum tubing

Aluminum is one of the materials that revolutionized the industrial sector. Unknown in ancient times, it was produced for the first time by the Frenchman Henri Sainte Claire Deville in 1854. Aluminum does not exist in nature, and is created through an electrolytic process discovered about 32 years later. This type of aluminum, soft and weak, must be combined in small portions with other materials to obtain its famous properties.

Therefore, an aluminum tube has the properties it receives from the type of alloy used to make it. Generally speaking, however, it maintains several very useful properties in any industrial sector:

  • Lightweight: aluminum weighs about one third of iron.
  • Resistant: despite its lightweight quality, an aluminum tube is very resistant. Furthermore, depending on the alloy, aluminum can be rigid or elastic based on the destined use.
  • Heat and sound insulation: an aluminum tube is also insulating, guaranteeing even temperatures and preventing noise dispersion.
  • Flame resistant: an aluminum tube is also very useful because of its heat insulating property.
  • Ecological and recyclable: aluminum tubes can be recycled and used for new purposes, protecting the environment.
  • Durable: aluminum is very durable and does not require maintenance, because it is immediately coated with an oxide layer to protect it from chemical deterioration.
  • Practical and versatile: since aluminum is very malleable, it is possible to create aluminum tubed with a wide variety of physical and aesthetic characteristics.
  • Excellent conductor: aluminum is often used for its conductive quality, for example in high voltage wiring.


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