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Where to find the best profiles for radiators

Written on by in Extruded profiles

Any heat exchanger has various metal parts used to for correct high temperature absorption and its dissipation. Whether required to cool cylinders in an internal combustion engine or common radiator, the best profiles for radiators are essential for system safety and correct operations.


Profall produces the best profiles for radiators, even with high technical complexity.

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The most popular metal in the best profiles for radiators

The most popular metals used in the HVAC&R sector (heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration) are experiencing numerous price fluctuations, such as copper, with prohibitive costs due to its scarcity.

Copper has been replaced by aluminium in the best profiles for radiators due to its significantly lower price and easy machining.


The advantage of aluminium for profiles for radiators

Aluminium in profiles for radiators has impacted the entire sector thanks to its famous properties:

  • Due to a specific weight much lower than copper, aluminium is highly indicated for creating the best profiles for radiators: light weight and transportable.
  • Aluminium prices are lower than other metal prices, especially copper, its direct competitor.
  • Aluminium is ductile, malleable and easy to machine making it suitable for any type of plastic process.
  • Numerous aluminium alloys can be created by binding it with other metals and acquiring different properties suitable to almost every industrial sector.
  • Its acclaimed resistance to the elements makes aluminium ideal for the best profiles for radiators, guaranteeing longevity.


Where to find the best profiles for radiators

Profall produces the best aluminium profiles thanks to the experience it has gained over many years:

Research and development is important to Profall which constantly invests time and resources to create competitive Made in Italy products.

The numerous alloys Profall uses to create the best profiles for radiators can guarantee many different properties for the product.

Profall's expertise is the production of extruded aluminium parts, even small and extremely small, with high technical complexity.

Profall owns an innovative technological fleet that is constantly updated.

Profall's supplies can also start from small lots, guaranteeing fast deliveries.


Only choose the best profiles for radiators, learn more about the advantages of Profall aluminium


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