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Profall’s range of aluminum square profiles

Written on by Roberto De Lorenzi in Extruded profiles
With Profall, you will find the most exhaustive catalog of professional extrusions for the industry – including our aluminum square profiles. Resistant, versatile, and high-quality, our products are unique and customizable according to your needs. Find in this article the square profile in aluminum that most suits you!

aluminum square profiles

Profilati Alluminio is a company specialized in manufacturing different types of extrusions, among which aluminum square profiles are included. From the technical drawing to the finishing, our products are conceived and made meticulously and with unique mechanical features.

Other than this, each square profile in aluminum is realized according to the strictest European laws in force, in order to guarantee the product’s complete safety and resistance in every industrial application.

Let’s find out together what is included in our catalog:

Our selection of aluminum square profiles

There are two main standard types of square aluminum profiles offered by Profall: we are talking about square bars and square tubing.

Aluminum square bars

  • image-Aluminum square bar
    Aluminum square bar

Aluminum square bars are square profiles belonging to the standard extrusions designed by Profall. Their manufacturing involves the use of different aluminum alloys, such as 1050, 1070, 3103, and 6060, and are supplied in bar or reel format, with sizes that vary from 4 to 50 mm and standard dimensional tolerances of +/- 0,15 mm per side.

Lightness is a distinctive feature of these square aluminum profiles: their weight per meter ranges from 43 to 1060 g. As the entirety of our products, square bars can be customized with special mechanical finishings and characteristics, according to the customer’s needs.

These aluminum square profiles are mainly used in the following sectors:

  • mechanical
  • electromechanical
  • furnishing

Aluminum square tubing

  • image-aluminum square tubing
    Aluminum square tubing

As well as for square bars, aluminum square tubing made by Profall are also part of the standard extrusions category. We supply these square aluminum profiles with standard dimensional tolerances (+/- 0,15 mm per side), but also in the most complex configurations that are hard to find on the market.

Made resorting to 1050, 1070, 3103, and 6060 alloys, our aluminum square tubing can be supplied in bar or reel format, according to their destination of use. They offer high resistance and long durability, but also great versatility.

These aluminum square profiles are mainly used in the following sectors:

  • mechanical
  • electromechanical
  • furnishing
  • automotive

Are you interested in a supply of aluminum square profiles?

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Profall: the full service for your aluminum square profiles

Profall’s decades-long know-how includes different areas of expertise. This is because our specialization has always been aimed to guarantee the most comprehensive service ever for you and your company

This is why today, as manufacturers of square aluminum profiles, we are one of the most competitive companies on the market, and we are able to meet the needs of our partners in a prompt and efficient way.

If you choose Profall, in fact, we will assure you:

  • the manufacturing of high-quality aluminum square profiles, resistant not only to corrosion and use but also to traction, equipped with high dimensional stability and high elasticity module, and able to effectively absorb vibrations.
  • worldwide supply of our square aluminum profiles no matter where you are – because Profall will rapidly deliver you (generally in 2 weeks from the order) the product you have demanded, with supplies that start from 200 kg.
  • full personalization because, as already mentioned, if you can’t find the product that best suits your needs in our catalog, you can send us a technical drawing of the aluminum square profile you wish for and we’ll create it while improving it with better characteristics and finishings according to its final use.
  • will be guaranteed to obtain technical assistance not only from the first steps of the conception but also after the sale: our team of professionals can answer each and every one of your doubts and needs and effectively support you to fix any problem.

To receive or create aluminum square profiles, choose Profall!

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