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Profall: aluminum profile manufacturers for all applications

Written on by in Extruded profiles
Profall stands out among aluminum profile manufacturers for its high technical competence, which allows it to make extruded products, including those of very small size, which are not easy to find in the market.

Due to its versatility, aluminum is used in the most varied sectors: from construction to electricity, from car industries to electronics, from design to interior design, including lighting and much more. Thanks to the expertise accumulated over the years and to its advanced technology, Profall manufactures different types of profiles that cover the entire range of applications for aluminum.

Aluminum profile manufacturers: case histories

The aluminum profiles manufactured by our company come in two main categories:

  • Standard profiles: Bars (flat, flat with round edges, square, or round), tubular profiles (round, square, or rectangular tubes), half-round, angular (with equal or unequal sides, also known as L profiles), simple or double grooves, U-, Z-, H-, or C-profiles;
  • Special profiles: Borders (for vehicles or furnishings), handles, handrails and frames, aluminum chisels, glass stopper profiles for doors and windows, other particular profiles such as coupling covers with shaft, drips, and splash shields.

These are the basic extrusions contained in our catalog, but as aluminum profile manufacturers we can not only customize them according to your needs, but can also create them ex novo, starting from a technical design that fulfills all of your needs and fields of application.


aluminum profile manufacturers

As the profiles we produce can be used in different sectors, we’ve introduced some types of working processes, such as cutting, shearing, and aluminum surface treatment, so as to obtain:

  • Extrusions of very small sizes - Profall’s forte;
  • Extrusions that can meet every request in terms of color, sheen, and hardness;
  • Customized packaging for the aluminum, with the possibility of applying your logo, bar code, or other identification elements.

Let’s see some concrete examples of applications of customized profiles, taking into account:

  • Furniture
  • Design
  • Hi-tech

Curious to know the full range of profiles we manufacture?

Aluminum pipe manufacturers

Aluminum profile manufacturers for furniture

Handles, half-round profiles, handrails, and glass stopper profiles are just some of the extrusions used in the furniture sector. Most of these products can be customized in infinite ways, as they must be in line with the general style of the place where they’ll be installed.

This means they require a personalized template so that the final result is absolutely identical to the original design.

For instance, to respond to the needs of an architectural firm, we’ve found some vintage templates that matched the 1950s style of the kitchen where the profiles would be applied. Once we understood the style, we initiated the necessary micro production.

aluminum profile manufacturers

Aluminum profile manufacturers for design

Sometimes designers seek aluminum profile manufacturers that can comprehend their needs and turn them into something tangible. This is the case of French brand Thierry Mugler, which sought us out to create a component of the refill tool for their famous Angel fragrance.

Aluminum profile manufacturers for hi-tech

The HVAC&R sector (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration) has changed a lot in the past few years: copper, a material that until recently was used in civil engineering, has been progressively replaced by aluminum in heat exchangers, due to its flexibility, resistance, and efficiency.

The tubes and pipes, which as aluminum profile manufacturers we at Profall can guarantee in different shapes (square, round, rectangular), are some of the components used in heat exchangers, and in nuclear reactors as well.

aluminum profile manufacturers    aluminum profile manufacturers  aluminum profile manufacturers

These are extremely complex sectors, for which, in addition to the analysis of design and requests, we proceed with scientific tests of resistance and tolerance, working, and, finally, final testing.

Find out all Profall’s sectors of actuation as aluminum profile manufacturers.

Aluminum profile manufacturers: Profall’s services

To sum it up, as aluminum profile manufacturers, we at Profall are not satisfied with just creating standard profiles, or those special or personalized and even with very small sizes: we provide our clients with complete service:

  • Our clients can order even small batches (200 kg and up);
  • Our feasibility studies and pre-project consultancies are very rapidly delivered;
  • We ensure prototype-making, production, and delivery in short time;
  • We guarantee after-sale and emergency technical assistance.


Are you looking for aluminum profile manufacturers that can meet your needs?

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