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An alternative to copper with aluminum for electrical transformers

Written on by in Extruded profiles
An electrical transformer is a static electrical machine widely used in the industrial sector, for the purpose of transferring electrical power from an electrical circuit to another through inductively coupled conductors.

Copper has always been one of the most commonly used metals to create electrical transformers thanks to its high conductibility. Since copper is becoming scarce, its price has become inaccessible and industry is looking for valid substitutes; over the last several years aluminum was discovered as the best alternative to copper in electrical transformers for many reasons:

  • Significantly lighter specific weight: aluminum weighs less than half of copper, even though it is more resistive. It does not require many support points and is therefore especially suitable for aerial connections, for example.
  • Much lower market cost: aluminum is the most common metal in the world, its costs are relatively contained, and in relation to copper aluminum costs much less. In fact, copper, given its high cost, is constantly being stolen. To prevent this phenomenon, replacing copper with economic aluminum for electrical transformers could be an effective solution, where possible.
  • Wide availability: as previously stated, aluminum is one of the most common elements on the planet, obtained through a relatively simple, efficient electrolytic process.
  • Malleable and suitable for all plastic processes: aluminum, in contrast to many other materials, has a long list of advantages for processing. Furthermore, it can be produced in many different alloys to obtain a multitude of mechanical properties.
  • Average life span identical to that of copper: aluminum is very resistant, and has a similar duration to copper and stainless steel. It is also very resistant to atmospheric agents and does not require frequent maintenance.

Aluminum bars for electrical transformers by Profall

Profall is a company in Bergamo that produces aluminum products for high quality electrical transformers. The company is specialized in the creation of aluminum profiles, also in small and very small sizes, and highly complex items. All Profall products are highly customizable and certified according to the most stringent European standards.

  • Profall, with many years of business in this sector, has gained extensive experience and guarantees maximum technical competence.
  • This Italian company, since its founding, has continuously invested in research and development activities, bringing competitive, high quality Made in Italy expertise to this sector.
  • If you need highly complex pieces, also in very small sizes, Profall can customize pieces produced in many different alloys and different sizes, to adapt extrusions to a wide range of industrial sectors.
  • Profall can produce highly technical pieces thanks to their updated technologically advanced machinery.
  • Supplies can be produced in small lots.
  • Delivery times are always fast and Profall provides total support for customer needs.


Do you need aluminum extrusions for electrical transformers? Request a free estimate now and find the most suitable product for your needs!


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