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Aluminum indoor signs for hospitals, shops, offices and more

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Panels for hospitals, office signs and shop plates: private and public establishments are increasingly opting for aluminum interior signs in order to combine utility with elegant and refined aesthetics. In addition to the profiles in the catalog, Profall also designs and produces indoor signs, strictly made of aluminum alloy series 1000, 3000 and 6000.

Aluminum is a material that is suitable for multiple uses, especially indoor signs. Hospitals, offices, shops, and schools all use aluminum signs to indicate escape routes, provide company information, guide the public, mark safety devices, office or room numbers, and so on.

Aluminum indoor signs

Profall also produces indoor signs

Profilati Alluminio is well known in the Italian and international panorama of producers of aluminum extrusions such as pipes, bars, channels, U, C, Z, and H profiles, corners with equal or unequal sides, etc.

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However, few people know that we also supply finished products: this was the case with the frames for MSC Cruises, the bicycle racks for the city of Doha, and, last but not least, the production of:

  • hospital indoor signposts
  • shop plates
  • aluminum office signs
  • totems
  • signs


You can customize indoor aluminum signs with Profall

The greatest advantage of entrusting Profall with the production of indoor signs is given by the multiple customization possibilities.

In fact, thanks to our constantly updated technology and a team of expert engineers, we are able to produce aluminum signs with a high degree of customization, detail, and extensive processing.

Suffice it to say that, our in-house processes include:

  • aluminum cutting with very low tolerances, Profall’s strong suit
  • aluminum blanking
  • surface finishes to respond to any request for color, hardness, or gloss
  • packaging, with the possibility of applying logos and other specific markings

Together we evaluate the dimensions of the sign, the base color, the test to be included, and any company logos.

Aluminum indoor sign

Why choose aluminum signs

Aluminum is experiencing a real boom in many fields, including the production of signs, plates, and indoor signposts for hospitals, offices, or shops. The reason is directly related to the qualities of this metal, which is:

  • ductile and easily workable
  • resistant to corrosion by external agents and cleaning products
  • easily washable and sanitized

Furthermore, both in its natural state and painted with epoxy powders such as those used by Profall, aluminum is aesthetically pleasing to the eye in both modern environments or those with an industrial flair, and in classic and vintage interiors. For this reason, more and more public and private establishments are choosing aluminum for their internal signposts, combining practicality with a touch of elegance.


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