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Aluminum flat bars: the simplest profile

Written on by in Extruded profiles
Aluminum flat bars are known in almost every industrial sector for their versatility. Furthermore, the characteristics of aluminum make flat bars one of the most requested extrusions. Profall is an Italian company specialized in the production of aluminum extrusions with high technological content. It is able to produce aluminum flat bars of different shapes and sizes, depending on your needs.

Aluminum flat bars

Aluminum flat bars are extremely versatile profiles that can be used in numerous sectors. Typically, they are used in the nautical, construction, mechanical and furnishing sectors for the creation of light and resistant frames and supports, but they are also suitable for numerous other applications in the electronic, electromechanical, and lighting engineering sectors.

Profilati Alluminio's catalog includes a wide range of aluminum flat bars, made with 1050 – 1070 – 3003 – 3103 – 3004 – 6060 – 6063 – 6005 alloys, suited for all the sectors above. In addition to the bars in the catalog, fully customized flat bars can be produced upon customer request.

Let's take a closer look.

Aluminum flat bar catalog

There are two types of aluminum flat bars in our catalog:

Standard flat barsStandard flat bars: available in a wide range of sizes, even extra thin. They are among the most popular aluminum profiles and are also available for small orders starting from a minimum quantity of 200 Kg. View the tables with all the dimensional specifications of the available bars in the link below.


Rounded edge flat barsRounded edge flat bars: rounded edges are essential in certain sectors, for both aesthetic and functional reasons. Also in this case the aluminum bars are available in numerous variants, even for small orders starting from 200 Kg. View the tables with all the dimensional specifications of the available bars in the link below.


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Custom aluminum flat bars

If none of the bars in the catalog meet your needs, our technical staff is available to make completely custom-made aluminum flat bars, even according to a drawing provided by the customer. Over the years Profilati Alluminio has gained technical and production capabilities to create technically complex extrusions in series, which the average supplier is not able to produce.

We carefully evaluate the customer's functional and aesthetic requirements and then complete a feasibility study and the subsequent design of the aluminum bar best suited to meet the expressed requirements. Once the project has been approved, we move on to the prototyping phase and then to mass production, with considerable time and cost savings.


Are you interested in our custom service?

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Why choose us for your aluminum flat bars

Why Profall? We'll give you 5 good reasons:

  1. We also produce small quantities, starting from 200 Kg
  2. We are always happy to evaluate fully customized profiles
  3. We follow you from the design phase with specific staff
  4. We are able to optimize production time and costs
  5. We ship to everywhere in Italy quickly

Additionally, we have been working with the utmost reliability with high quality aluminum alloys for years.


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