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Aluminum border edging: which to use and why

Written on by Roberto De Lorenzi in Extruded profiles
If you’re looking for resistant and long-lasting aluminum border edgings for vehicles and technical furnishing, choose the solutions in Profall’s catalog! Different models are available with different configurations, to meet your needs in the best possible way.

aluminum edging

Aluminum edging, what is it?

Aluminum borders are profiles used in numberless industrial fields as a finishing or cladding element for components. These high-quality solutions are versatile – because they can adapt to different applications – and resistant because they are suited both for indoor and outdoor use.

Not to mention the lightness of these products: aluminum edgings, in fact, are easy to transport and handle because they are manufactured with very light alloys, which make their installation even simpler.

Every aluminum border edging can be subject to finishings and special treatments, to offer better mechanical and esthetical features and adapt to each and every application requirement.

Let’s see all the products guaranteed by Profilati Alluminio!

Types of aluminum border edgings in Profall’s catalog

Aluminum edgings for motor vehicles

  • image-Borders for motor vehicles
    Aluminum trim profiles for motor vehicles

Aluminum trim profiles are specially-designed aluminum edgings that are mainly used as finishing and cladding elements. They are made to house fastening screws for panels – both internal and external – and can be integrated with lodgings to house protection elements in rubber, especially for chassis.

These aluminum borders are realized in the 6060 alloy, a material that contains – other than aluminum, magnesium, and silicon. It’s an alloy that stands out for its distinct extrusion properties. 

We supply our aluminum edgings for motor vehicles in the bar format, with a production batch of at least 200 kg.

Aluminum border edgings with screw attachments

  • image-Borders with screw attachments
    Aluminum borders with screw attachments

Aluminum borders with screw attachments are also aluminum edgings with a special design. They are specifically made to house and hide screw attachments of panels at the same time.

As well as those for motor vehicles, these aluminum edgings resort to 6060 alloy’s technical features, which allow to obtain a high-quality product with excellent performance.

We supply our aluminum borders with screw attachments in the bar format, with a production batch of at least 200 kg.

Take a look at our catalog!
Special extrusions

Customized aluminum border edgings

If the aluminum edgings offered by Profall do not reflect your needs, don’t worry: we are able to give you a customized design service!

You can send us a technical drawing with all the characteristics of the profile you wish for and we’ll manufacture it specifically for you, even with very reduced dimensional tolerances that are hard to find on the market.

Once the feasibility of your project has been determined, in fact, we proceed to the prototyping and serial production of your aluminum border edging, always guaranteeing time and cost-effective solutions and results that meet the expectations of our clients.

Complexity and refinement are technical characteristics you can easily find in our aluminum edgings and our team of experts is able to offer you them through extrusion processes that are technologically advanced.

Industrial applications of aluminum border edgings

As already mentioned before, our aluminum edgings feature special properties that make them greatly requested on the market. What are the main fields that need our products?

  • Automotive: our solutions serve as edgings for the construction of industrial and commercial vehicles, such as buses, vans, etc.
  • Architecture and design: where they are used as finishing and cladding elements both for interiors – to delimitate floorings – and exteriors, for example as edging for gardens and flowerbeds.
  • Technical furnishing: because our aluminum borders are ideal for the construction of shop furnishings, exhibition stands, etc.

The aluminum edgings designed by Profall are demanded in industrial fields not only in Italy but all over the world. This is why we developed an international supply service that guarantees rapid prototyping and delivery of the products you wish for.

Wherever you are, we can bring you the aluminum border edgings in our catalog or create the custom solutions you need!
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