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The advantages of Profall anodized aluminum tubing

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Thanks to a special chemical process it is possible to make aluminum surfaces resistant to corrosion. Anodized insulation exponentially increases resistance to external agents of aluminum tubing, rendering them ideal for all uses where the tubing is subjected to adverse weather conditions or contact with corrosive substances. Profall produces tubing and other extrusions in high quality anodized aluminum.

Experience the advantages of anodized aluminum tubing, choose Profall!

What is anodized aluminum tubing?

Anodizing is an electro-chemical process that consists of creating a layer of oxide on a metallic surface, usually aluminum or aluminum alloy, to give the treated piece specific properties.

During anodizing, the surface is transformed, the reaction of the metal with oxygen forms a barrier composed of aluminum oxide. To obtain this reaction, electrical current is used from an external circuit (cathode) circulated in an electrolytic chamber, where the aluminum submerged in a water solution acts as an anode, catalyzing the electrical charges.

The properties of anodizing

The layer of oxidation that forms on the aluminum tubing can be more or less thick (in microns), giving the piece different properties, useful in many industrial sectors according to the type of layer. Generally, an anodized aluminum tube acquires a series of well-known, sought after advantages:

  • Anodizing improves resistance to corrosion in aluminum, protecting the tube from many chemical substances.
  • This treatment increases superficial hardness of the piece, rendering it much more resistant to penetration.
  • Anodizing gives the piece moderate thermal insulation.
  • It increases resistance to wear and abrasion, protecting the tube from various mechanical stresses.
  • Anodizing protects the piece while preserving the attractive appearance obtained through this treatment.

Why choose anodized aluminum tubing by Profall?

Profall is a company based in Bergamo that produces high quality extrusions in aluminum, also in small and very small sizes, with a high level of complexity. A team of skilled professionals, experts in the sector, work in company, capable of handling any type of technical challenge to create high industrial value products.

  • Profall guarantees unique skills in the sector, through experience gained over years of specialized activity.
  • This Italian company continuously invests in research and development activities, bringing competitive, high quality Made in Italy expertise to this sector.
  • Are you looking for special pieces? Profall anodized aluminum tubing can be personalized in different alloys and sizes, adapting to many different types of works.
  • The company is specialized in producing difficult, complex, precise, highly technical products.
  • Profall relies on cutting edge machinery.
  • Supplies can be produced in small lots.
  • Delivery times are always fast and Profall provides total support for customer needs.

Profall anodized aluminum tubing is resistant to aggression by atmospheric agents and corrosive materials, highly customizable and does not require extended maintenance. The anodized aluminum tubing has a neutral or bronze color, clear or blackish.


Choose Made in Italy quality, explore anodized aluminum tubing by Profall!


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