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L-shaped aluminum profile, the versatile extrusion for all industrial sectors

Written on by in Extruded profiles
An L-shaped aluminum profile, also called corner, is a very common aluminum extrusion and is used in almost all industrial sectors thanks to its practicality.

L-shaped aluminum profile

I-shaped aluminum profiles are those extrusions whose sides form 90° and can have equal sides, if they have the same length, or unequal in the opposite case. Profall is able to produce an I-shaped aluminum profile most suitable for your needs, also with special design and of small and very small dimensions.


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The versatility of aluminum corners

Widely used in almost all industrial sectors, an I-shaped aluminum profile is one of the most common aluminum profiles and can even cause production difficulties that not all companies are able to manage. Profall produces high quality aluminum corners even with high technical complexity.

Corner profiles are one of the most versatile extrusions required by many industrial sectors, thanks to their wide range of uses. Of course, depending on the specific use, an aluminum profile can have numerous variants and can be made of different aluminum alloys, according to specifications that maximize its functionality on a case by case basis.

The I-shaped aluminum profile is also widely used in the furniture and building sector, where it is adapted to be used as a profile for all types of furniture and for windows and doors. They can be requested with different technical characteristics for each specific use.


Where can I find the right I-shaped aluminum profile

Profall is a leading company in the field of aluminum extrusions on the Italian and international market for many years, knows the needs of its customers and is daily engaged in the development of high technology aluminum extrusions.

  • Profall adopts a collaborative approach, with the aim of solving all customer needs. It is able to analyze every technical requirement, even the most complex, coming into contact with different realities.
  • Profall ensures the best technical support from the beginning, studying the best solution with the customer already in the design phase.
  • Profall guarantees fast and rapid deliveries, consistent and complete answers also from a technical point of view. The company is organized to guarantee short lead times. Pre-series prototyping and production takes place, on average, in three weeks. The subsequent production takes place in just two weeks.
  • Profall produces highly customizable and custom profiles. By specifying the required production quantity and providing a general outline of the profile, Profall is able to give you a quick quote.
  • Profall realizes its profiles through a safe and ecological production cycle, respecting the environment.
  • All Profall production complies with the most stringent European regulatory standards.
  • The 850 ton extrusion and press line guarantees the production of high quality extrusions, even very small ones, which not all companies are able to do.


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