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Aluminum tubing: choose Profall quality

Written on by in Extruded profiles
Profall produces a wide range of profiles, including high precision aluminum tubing, of various shapes and sizes according to your specific needs.

Aluminum tubing boast numerous industrial applications, including sanitary, construction and automotive products. Although its weight is only one third of that of steel, it is used above all for its peculiar resistance. Thanks to this combination of strength and flexibility, all sectors benefit from the clever use of aluminum tubing.

All our profiles are made according to international standards and can be anodized, to make surfaces resistant to corrosion, and required in different aluminum alloys.


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Aluminum tubing properties

Aluminum tubing is used in many industrial sectors thanks to the mechanical characteristics of this material. Moreover, the possibility of making aluminum tubing out of different alloys opens up the way to more industrial sectors for these products.

  • Aluminum tubing offer a greater volume of product for purchased weight of much higher than steel, this translates into obvious advantages from the point of view of mobility.
  • Aluminum tubing does not tarnish and is more prone to being painted.
  • Aluminum tubing offers considerable strength and durability.
  • Aluminum tubing is a heat conductor.
  • Aluminum tubing is easily weldable and corrosion resistant.


Profall aluminum tubing

Profall manufactures aluminum tubing made of different alloys, shapes and sizes, even customized and with high technical complexity. Thanks to Profall's vast experience, you can get the aluminum tubes that best suit your specific needs, even small and very small.

Profall's main standard aluminum tubing:

·         Round aluminum tubing

Aluminum round tubing profiles made of soft alloys widely used in the mechanical, electromechanical, building and furnishing sectors. Generally, round tubing has dimensional tolerances of +/- 0.15 mm in diameter.

·         Square aluminum tubing

Profall aluminum square tubing is used above all in the mechanical, electromechanical, furniture and automotive sectors. It is also possible to choose between bar or roll formats starting from the size of 7 mm.

·         Aluminum rectangular tubing

Profall aluminum rectangular tubing can be of various sizes, even very small, starting from 5 mm up to 120 mm. Dimensional tolerances and special mechanical characteristics can also be requested.


All Profall aluminum tubing is certified according to the most stringent international standards.


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