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Aluminum profiles: the right shape for every sector

Written on by in Extruded profiles
The practicality and advantages of aluminum in the industrial sector have been well-known for over a century, and its special features allow for a vast range of uses in numerous sectors.

Aluminum profiles are one of the most common processes using this metal, obtained through extrusion, but what shapes are available? In which sectors is it widely used? Profall, an Italian company specialized in the creation of profiles in aluminum, can guide you in the selection of the best aluminum profiles and their various sectors of use.

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Which aluminum profiles are the right choice?

In addition to the specific process to be performed, choosing the right aluminum profile also depends on the sector of reference. Aluminum profiles can be produced in different shapes using different alloys.

·         Flat aluminum profiles

Profall produces flat extruded aluminum profiles for use in many different sectors, from mechanical to furniture, electromechanical and construction. Profall can also produce aluminum profiles in small and very small sizes, creating flat profiles with minimum thicknesses of 5 mm and maximum of 120 mm. The primary alloys used are 105010703103 and 6060

·         Flat aluminum profiles with rounded edges

Flat aluminum profiles with rounded edges are used primarily in the electromechanical sectors, especially for building electrical transformers. The extrusions are produced with standard dimensional tolerances of +/- 0.15 mm on the side and range from 5 to 120 mm in thickness. The alloys used are generally 1050 and 1070. They can also be requested in reels with a minimum order of 500 kg.

·         Square profiles

Other Profall standard extrusions include square aluminum profiles produced in sizes ranging from 4 to 50 mm thanks to the company's specialization in producing small and very small aluminum profiles. These are used in fields like the mechanical and electromechanical sectors, as well as in the furniture sector. The alloys used to produce these extrusions are 105010703103 and 6060, and they can be supplied on a reel starting from a 7mm size.

·         Round profiles

These extrusions are used in the mechanical, electromechanical and furniture sectors. Round aluminum profiles can be supplied in the following alloys: 105010703103 and 6060in bars or on reels starting from the 7 mm size with a minimum order of 500 kg for the reel and 200 kg for the bars.

The advantages of aluminum profiles

Aluminum has been widely distributed over the last several years thanks to its physical and aesthetic properties, making it useful in many different fields, in particular in the construction sector and doors and windows sector.

  • Aluminum is highly resistant to atmospheric agents and is also resistant to wear if it undergoes specific treatments.
  • Aluminum is easy to work with and allows production of all types of profiles for any kind of process.
  • Aluminum profiles do not require maintenance, but only periodic superficial cleaning.
  • Aluminum profiles can be recycled and destined for new uses, helping to protect the environment.
  • Aluminum, despite being highly resistant, is also a very light material.

Profall is a company that can also produce small and compressed aluminum extrusions that others are not always capable of producing, thanks to an 850 ton press and extrusion line, updated and technologically advanced machinery and one-of-a-kind know-how in the sector.

Profall produces high quality aluminum profiles for all types of processes, with the highest quality aluminum, made in Italy.


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